1. Adjusted confidence intervals for a coefficient of variation of a normal distribution
Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

2. Non-darcy natural convection flow over a vertical wavy surface in porous media including the magnetic field effect
A. Mahdy, R.A. Mohamed and F.M. Hady

3. Influence of longitudinal oscillation on tensile properties of medium carbon steel welds of different thickness
S.P. Tewari

4. Obstacle avoidance method for a mobile robot
Pranab K Dan

5. An improvement of total flowtime and makespan for the general flow shop scheduling problem via o(n4m) algorithm
Sawat Pararach

6. Supply security improvement of long term electricity expansion planning of java-madura-bali system in indonesia
Muhammad Ery Wijaya and Bundit Limmeechokchai

7. Bioavailable cadmium in water, sediment, and fish, in a highly contaminated area on the thai-myanmay borde
O. Krissanakriangkrai, W. Supanpaiboon, S. Juwa, S. Chaiwong, W. Swaddiwudhipong and Anderson K.A.

8. Effect of monensin supplement during transition phase on rumen fermentation and microbial efficiency
D. Srichana, M.S. Kerley and J.N. Spain

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