1. A new approach for a finite capacity material requirement planning system
Teeradej Wuttipornpun and Pisal Yenradee

2. Application of genetic algorithm for trajectory planning of two degrees of freedom robot arm with dimensions
Aphirak Khadwilard and Pupong Pongcharoen

3. Comparative studies on the synthesis of cyclodextrin from two bacterial cgtases in the presence of organic solvent
Jarunee Kaulpiboon and Pintusorn Hansakul

4. Multi-camera system using pc-cluster for real-time 3-d pose estimation
Kritsana Uttamang and Viboon Sangveraphunsiri

5. Optimal sample size selection for torusity estimation using a pso based neural network
Siwaporn Kunnapapdeelert and Chakguy Prakasvudhisarn

6. Road user benefits transfer the case of contingent valuation method and vehicle operating cost
Warit Wipulanusat and Pannapa Herabat

7. Tail dependence of students t copula and double t copula and their effects on pricing credit derivative
Puntipa Wanitjirattikal and Seksan Kiatsupaibul

8. The approximated dynamic programming approach to the dynamic quadratic assignment problem
Sirirat Muenvanichakul and Peerayuth Charnsethikul