1. Hexane reduction in a thai rice bran oil factory a cleaner technology approach
Dominica Dacera, Peesamai Jenvanitpanjakul, Suwanchai Nitisoravut and Sandhya Babel

2. Influences of n fertilizers on the vegetable amaranth production
Somchai Chakhatrakan

3. Measurement and analysis of uwb-irantenna performance for wpans
Sathaporn Promwong, Wataru Hanitachi, Jun-ichi Takada, Pichaya Supanakoon and Prakit Tangtisanon

4. Measurement and assessment of traffic noise levels on bangkok streets
S. Muttamara and Shing Tet Leong

5. Optical transpose interconnection system architectures
W. Pijitrojana and T. J. Hall

6. Practical aspects of the simulation of two-dimensional flow around obstacle with lattice boltzmann method (lbm)
Phadungsak Ratanadecho

7. Reduction of energy consumption and corresponding emissions in thai residential sector by improved cooking stoves, family biogas digesters and improved charcoal-making kilns options
Bundit Limmeechokchai and Saichit Chawana

8. Three-dimensional fdtd analysis of a trapezoidal antenna for ultra wideband radio applications
Sathaporn Promwong, Jun-ichi Takada, Pichaya Supanakoon, Monchai Chamchoy, Panarat Rawiwan and Prakit Tangtisanon