1. Automatic white blood cell classification using biased-output neural networks with morphological features
Nipon Theera-Umpon

2. Characterization of wire rope defects from magnetic flux leakage signals
C. Jomdecha, A. Prateepasen and W. Methong

3. Leaching behavior of heavy metals from the solidified plating sludge under various leaching conditions
Suwimol Asavapisit , Suthatip Intarawong and Naraporn Harnwajanawong

4. Normalized graphs for seepage analyses along sheet pile in double soil layers
Phanuwat Suriyachat and Pachern Yungyune

5. Numerical analysis of current measurement error due to vibration in reciprocal fiber-optic polarimetric current sensor
Prinya Tantaswadi

6. Spacecraft attitude estimations using phase information of gds signals
S. Puripong

7. Sustainable water resource conservation practice in a dairy processing factory, thailand
Shing Tet Leong and Preecha Laortanakul

8. The measurement of market power in an electricity market including physical and political constraints
N. Leeprechanon