1. A 2v cmos capacitorless current-tunable all-pass filter using current mirrors
Banlue Srisuchinwong and Adisorn Leelasantitham

2. A stabilization of frequency oscillations in an interconnected power system using static synchronous series compensator
Issarachai Ngamroo

3. Application of granular activated carbon-sequencing batch reactor (gac-sbr) system for treating wastewater from slaughterhouse
Suntud Sirianuntapiboon and Kwannate Manoonpong

4. Evolutionary construction of graph-coloring programs using genetic programming
Sarit Chantasuban and Ekawit Nantajeewarawat

5. Feasibility study of rainmaking in the upper ping river basin
Chavalit Chaleeraktrakoon, Visanugorn Thamrongsrisagul and Phongthep Phongsawat

6. Interactive constraint-based assembly modelling
Mud-Armeen Munlin

7. Machine vision for quality inspection of cotton in the textile industry
Prinya Tantaswadi

8. Selection for banana c. v. leb mue nang for direct consumption and for dried banana processing
Withya Buajarern, Ruamjit Nokkaul, Teerayut Wijitparp and Sumonrat Jintanasirinuruk