1. A finite element method for viscous in compressible flow analysis
P. Dechaumphai, J. Triputtarat and S. Sikkhabandit

2. Comparative study of artificial neural network and regression analysis for forecasting new issued banknotes
Busagarin Rurkhamet, Parames Chutima and Manop Reodecha

3. Development of a spray pyrolysis coating process for tin oxide film heat mirrors
J. Hirunlabh, S. Suthateeranet, K. Kirtikara and Ralph D. Pynn

4. Estimating solar radiation at the earth’s surface from satellite data
Jongjit Hirunlabh, Rangsit Sarachitti and Pichai Namprakai

5. Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process part routing in fms
Parames Chutima and Pattita Suwanruji

6. Mesomorphic and magnetic properties of oxovanadium(iv) complexes of (s)-( )-n-n-heptyl(2-hydroxy-4-(4-(2-methylbutyl)-4-diphenylcarboxyloxy)phenyl)-methanimine magnetic-induced molecular orientat
Sukrit Tantrawong and Chainarong Engkagul

7. Prediction of liquid holdup in horizontal stratified two-phase flow
S. Wongwises, W. Khankaew and W. Vetchsupakhun

8. Reduction of ge interaction through classification technique in sugarcane yield trial
Prasert Chatwachirawong, Udom Poolkets, Peerasak Srinives, Suchavadi Nakatat and Nida Chanbunyong

9. Some properties of coriolus sp.no.20 for removal of color substances from molasses waste water
Suntud Sirianuintapiboon and Kanidtha Chairattanawan

10. The discrete array pattern synthesis which provides the tapered minor lobes
Chuwong Phongcharoenpanich and Monai Krairiksh