1. Toxicity and retention of dye markers to heterotermes indicola
Abdus Sattar, Zahoor Salihah, Ruqiya Naeem and Abid Farid

2. Effects of parasitoid and host egg age on parasitism by trichogramma chilonis (ishii)
Muhammad Zahid, Abid Farid, Abdus Sattar and Inamullah Khan

3. The effects of buffer patterns on throughput in conwip flow lines- a simulation study
Sunitiya Thuannadee

4. Finite element method with edge elements for anisotropic waveguide problems
Pramote Jangisarakul and Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut

5. Second harmonic imaging from pulse-echo signals of contrast-assisted ultrasound
Tosaporn Nilmanee, Surapon Thienmontri, Nattha Jindapetch and Pornchai Phukpattaranont

6. Simulation and experimental work of single lap bolted joint tested in bending
Aidy Ali, Ting Wei Yao, Nuraini Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Yunin Hassan and Barkawi Sahari

7. Simulation of wind flow around a group of square cylinders with variable transverse spacing by k-e turbulence model
Muhannad Mustafa, Amalesh Chandra Mandal, Nusrat Jahan Chhanda and Md. Quamrul Islam