1. Activated carbon from lignite coal by chemical activation with potassium hydroxide
Naparat Jiwalak, Chaiyot Tangsathitkulchai and Malee Tangsathitkulchai

2. Numerical simulation of steady viscous flow past two rotating circular cylinders
Surattana Sungnul and Nikolay Moshkin

3. The effect of soybean oil or sunflower oil supplementation on dairy cow performance and conjugated linoleic acid (cla) in milk
Pipat Lounglawan

4. Species identification of thai rice-field crab in the lower north-eastern region of thailand
Samorn Ponchunchoovong

5. Soliton and bisoliton model for pairing mechanism of high - temperature superconductivity
Samnao Phatisena

6. Stabilization of ceramic slips i
Sutham Srilomsak

7. Stabilization of ceramic slips ii
Sutham Srilomsak