1. The combined air-conditioning system between the vapor compression and the evaporative cooling system
W. Arunwattana, P. Prompukdee and P. Khamsamai

2. Polymeric materials by atom transfer radical polymerization (atrp)
P. Chumsamrong

3. Thai musical signal analysis
R. Chinvejkitvanich, S. Sujitjorn, K. Attakitmongcol and P. Totarong

4. A learning vector quantization for recognition of invariant spatial detectors of perceptual patterns constituents
Hanan Hassan Ali Adian, Abd. Rahman Ramli, Bachok Taib and Adznan Jantan

5. A new pivot selection scheme for quicksort algorithm
Aminu Mohammed and Mohamed Othman

6. A study of concurrent engineering practices in malaysian industries
Mohd Sapuan Salit

7. Effect of photo accelerators on the degradation of polystyrene foam waste
Utai Meekum and Reukrij Kenharaj

8. Buckling strength of gfrp equal-leg angle structural members under concentric axial compression
Sittichai Seangatith