1. Fast handover algorithm for hierarchical mobile ipv6 macro-mobility management
Indra Vivaldi, Mohd Hadi Habaebi, Borhan Mohd Ali and V. Prakash

2. Solidification of the electroplating sludge using blended cements
Suwimol Asavapisit and Chatinai Cosanavit

3. Security issues of the dynamic proxy framework
Choong Khong Neng, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, Veeraraghavan Prakash, Elok Robert Tee

4. Multicriteria decision making for multireservoir water allocation during shortage - a case study of upper mun basin
Thongplew Kongjun and Varawoot Vudhivanich

5. Removal of organic compounds from aqueous solution by montmorillonite clays and organo-clays
P. Charuwong and R. Kiattikomol

6. The study of antibacterial activity of some medicinal plants in lamiaceae family
Kantalak Punopas, Griangsak Eumkeb, Benjamart Chitsomboon and Pichaya Nakkiew

7. Callus induction medium for thai rice
P. Timsuksai, A. Waranyuwat

8. Production and quality of herbal food products of the cottage industry in the northeast
K. Donkwa and S. Ningsanond

9. Automatic position of fiducal marks by the image - matching technique
P. Santitamanon and T. Lilitwarangkul