1. Effects of local site characteristics on ground shakings in the affected areas after 5 may 2014 earthquake
Nakhorn Poovarodom and Amorntep Jirasakjamroonsri

2. 5 may 2014 chiang rai earthquake lesson learned for future earthquake preparedness
Chayanon Hansapinyo

3. Influence of microwave energy and reinforcing steel embedded on characteristics of cement pastes with varying water-cement ratios
Natt Makul, Gritsada Sua-Iam and Phadungsak Rattanadecho

4. Efficiency enhancement of the axial flow pump by screw axle and coating
Manop Pipathattakul, Songtam Laosuwan, Manus Sriswat and Witoon Obrom

5. A 2-d biomechanical static program using tablet
Sasithorn Simsawat and Phairoat Ladavichitkul

6. Improvement of inventory management for forklift maintenance service unit
Charinporn Nonsila and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

7. Production planning for automotive parts manufacturer under uncertain demand
Phenpat Aree and Naragain Phumchusri

8. Improvement of concrete reinforcement steel bar production process by lean manufacturing concepts
Piphatphong Pensiri and Sittiporn Pimsakul

9. Water footprint of dendrobium orchids in thailand
Woranee Paengjuntuek, Nichanun Trachow and Jitti Mungkalasiri

10. Technology ranking of small modular nuclear reactors for thailand
Somboon Rassame, Phongphaeth Pengvanich, Kampanart Silva, Supitcha Chanyotha and Thawatchai Onjun