1. Nuj.26.04.18-content

2. Nuj.26.04.18-editorial note

3. Panoramic radiographic assessment of mental foramen position in dental hospital patients, naresuan university
Canin Rungkanawut, Nuttakit Laowattana; Kittithonsit Norasing, Atikarn Rengpian, Weeraya Tantanapornkul

4. Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of salmonella in minced pork from retail shops around the university of phayao, thailand
Narong Nuanmuang, Aksarakorn Kummasook

5. Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of extended-spectrum ?-lactamase producing escherichia coli isolated from pig feces in farms, muang phayao
Narong Nuanmuang, Pareeya Baiubon, Nudchanard Wannathong, Benjamas Nunta, Niphaphorn Suriya, Parisa Chaingam, Aksarakorn Kummasook

6. The development of obesity forecasting model using fuzzy data mining techniques case study of the primary school in lower northern provinces (thailand)
Tawin Tanawong

7. A 10-year comparative study of organic carbon fractions and carbon storage in soils using organic and traditional soil management practices in rice farming (retracted)
Suphathida Aumtong, Paweenoot Pongwongkam

8. Biogas production by anaerobic co-digestion process between community distillery slop with glycerol waste
Kiattisak Panpong, Tussanee Srimachai

9. Removal of heavy metal from synthetic wastewaterusing calcined golden apple snail shells
Chatyapha Ketwong, Somsuk Trisupakitti, Chompoo Nausri, Watchara Senajuk

10. The effects of group sizes on behaviors, meat characteristics and growth performance of growing and finishing pigs under tropical conditions in thailand
Thunwa Wiyabot

11. Determination of ld50 of ethidium bromide for induction of mutation in marigolds
Pornthep Keadtidumrongkul, Nawannaporn Chirarat, Sophana Somran

12. Left regular and right regular elements of the semigroups of transformations restricted by an equivalence
Ekkachai Laysirikul, Nares Sawatraksa, Chaiwat Namnak

13. Upgrading of bio-oils from the fast pyrolysis of longan wood over the low cost catalysts in a fluidized bed reactor
Chaturong Paenpong, Weerapun Chunluang, Niwat Pratoomchai

14. Mangrove vegetation composition & structure in bengawan solo estuary, indonesia
Mukti Ali, Sulistiono Sulistiono

15. Effect of 17 beta-estradiol hormone and cypermethrin insecticide on nile tilapia
Chutima Thanomsit, Samnao Saowakoon, Amnuay Wattanakornsiri, Jakkaphun Nanuam, Witchuda Prasatkaew, Phochit Nanthanawat

16. Speech intelligibility evaluation of sound coding strategies in noisy environments for thai cochlear implant users
Siriporn Dachasilaruk, Apichai Rungruang

17. Preparation and characterizations of hydroxyapatite substituted boron cement
Piyanan Boonphayak, Sirikarn Khansumled, Adisorn Pinmanee, Supakit Phromduang

18. Nuj.26.04.18-principles