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2. Nuj.26.03.18-editorial note

3. Osteochondral lesion of the talus possible treatment options for thailand
Supachok Rasamimongkol, Piroon Tangsripong

4. A monitor unit calculator program using digital simulator images
Kiattisak Anusornthanawat, Somsak Wanwilairat, Ekkasit Tharavichitkul, Thanit Chaiwiang, Sumbhat Wanwilairat

5. study of the ratio of cow milk on the change of fatty acid composition of corn milk yogurt
Subhachai Bhulaidok, Panorjit Nitisuk, Jittawan Kubola, Kanjana Kulvitit, Natthapong Jenwipack, Oranut Sihamala

6. An application of house of quality (hoq) for designing rice product as a souvenir
Runchana Sinthavalai, Saowarat Ruengrong

7. Effects of growth regulators produced by methylobacterium radiotolerans ed5-9 and crude antimicrobial agents extracted from streptomyces tm32 on tissue culture of gymnema inodorum (lour.) decne.
Siripun Sarin, Nareeluk Nakaew, Aphichat Chidburee

8. The relationship between the nine-point circle the circumscribed circle and the inscribed circle of archimedes triangle
Yuporn Rimcholakarn

9. Environmental cost-benefit analysis of soil and water conservation measures for para rubber plantation in sloping regions of nan province
Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap, Wanwisa Pansak, Kanchaya Maosew

10. Systematic review on anti-aging health care
Ratchanee Piwpong

11. Welding of aluminum alloys between ssm356 and ssm6061 by tig and friction stir welding processes
Muhamad Tehyo

12. Improvement of extraction efficiency for spectrophotometric determination of no3- and no2- in gunshot residues; an application for a shooting distance study
Thanakorn Pluangklang, Areerut Rimmai, Kanchana Sermsaeng, Sirinapa Noibungkha, Charoensak Lao-ngam, Laddawan Chonsalasin

13. Adsorption efficiency of fe(iii) from solution by zeolite y synthesized from rice husk
Sittichai Kulawong, Jittima Kulawong

14. Capsaicin derivatives containing indole and nitroindole for improved anti-inflammatory activity
Chaiyot - Mukthung, Sirirat Chancharunee, Filip Kielar, Sutatip Pongcharoen, Uthai Wichai

15. A comparison of the efficiency of the parametric test statistics for testing homogeneity of variances
Warangkhana Riansut

16. The application of using natural reagent extracted from purple sweet potato for naked-eye detection of copper in water samples
Warangkhana Khaodee, Ratikon Wongkiti, Suphatta Madang

17. Simultaneous determination of gallic acid and catechins in banana peel extract by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography
Benjaporn Pramote, Neti Waranuch, Orawan Kritsunankul

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