1. Inhibitory effect of 6-shogaol on fructose-induced protein glycation and oxidation in vitro
Wachirawadee Malakul and Sirinat Pengnet

2. Effectiveness of psychoeducation in decreasing depression as co-morbidity: a meta-analysis
Rainier C. Moreno-Lacalle

3. Effect of methylobacterium radiotolerans ed5-9 with capability of producing indole-3-acetic acid (iaa) and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase on the growth and development of murdannia loriformis (hassk.) rolla rao & kammathy under in vitro condition
Thanawut Prombunchachai, Nareeluk Nakaew , Apichat Chidburee, and Siripun Sarin

4. Study of the spectroscopic data analysis pretreatments for enhancing performance of nir calibration model for determining the brix value of japanese pear
Karunrat Sakulnarmrat and Piyamart Jannok

5. Adhesion properties between microphase-separated segmented polyurethane and corona treated pp substrate
Teerin Kongpun

6. A noncommutative semigroup which contains the natural numbers under addition and its left ideals
Ekkachai Laysirikul and Kitsanachai Sripon

7. Preparation and properties of epoxidized natural rubber/poly (vinyl chloride) blends by solution casting technique
Kritsada Phatcharasit

8. Effect of calcium carbonate on thermal properties and mechanical properties of reprocessed pla/pbat biocomposite
Bawornkit Nekhamanurak, Piyanut Muangtong and Nuorn Choothong

9. Correlation of viscosity and density of fatty acids by law of free energy additivity
Noppanan Muangnuae, Setthawit Saengthip, Thinnaphop Chum-in and Suriya Phankosol

10. Predicting of speed of sound in ethyl-biodiesel by law of free energy additivity
Panit Choyking, Suriya Phankosol Kaokanya Sudaprasert, Kornkanok Aryusuk and Kanit Krisnan

11. Growth and physiological patterns of sugarcane cultivars to mimic drought conditions in late rainy season system
Jidapa Khonghintaisong, Patcharin Songsri and Nuntawoot Jongrungklang

12. Prediction of chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of napier phakchong grass by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (nirs)
Pattaraporn Tatsapong, Premkamol Thongdonsieng and Kanchana Ponium

13. Processing of dried pineapple glace using solar dryer
Wanchai Khamsen, Amnaj Patwang, Chuthong Summatta, Chiraphon Takeang, Pongsakorn Surin, Sarayut Malaipun, Sumidtra Supinrach, Natwalinkhol Settapromote, Piyamas Tancharoenrat, Chanicha Jinakarn, Punchaporn Srichanapun and Visanu Changniam

14. The development of programmed instruction for mathematical remedial teaching on system of integer numbers for mathayomsuksa i students with low learning achievement
Boonya Piansawan

15. Forecasting the export volume of processed chicken
Warangkhana Riansut and Nam-Oy Nisan