1. A comparison of forecasting method of daily jewellery gold prices holts forecast method, box-jenkins method and combined forecast method
Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

2. Current knowledge on osteoporosis among women in muang district of phitsanulok
Supawitoo Sookpeng

3. Effects of acetone evaporation duration of dentin bonding agent on microleakage
Thanakrit Howannaphakorn, Yanee Duangmanee, Nuntiya Siwapatt, Kedsuda Wangtal

4. Efficacy and toxicity of amphotericin b-chitosan nanoparticles in mice with induced systemic candidiasis
Nanteetip Limpeanchob, Waree Tiyaboonchai, Supaporn Lamlertthon, Jarupa Viyoch, Somkiet Jaipan

5. Fuel cells - energy technology for the future
Nipon Ketjoy, Wattanapong Rakwichian, Sukruedee Nathakaranakule

6. Shallow groundwater quality assessment in muang district, phayao

7. การจัดเตรียมต้นฉบับ (manuscript preparation)