1. Bioinformatic investigation of dietary natural compounds for prevention of onset of pre-symptomatic alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting caspase-1
Fahad Hassan Shah, Young Seok Eom, Song Ja Kim

2. Measurement of beef carcass ribeye area and backfat thickness using mobile phone application
Peerayut Nilchuen, Surachai Piamkhla

3. New-type tangent indicatrix of involute and ruled surface according to blaschke frame in dual space
Mustafa Bilici and Selma Palavar

4. Potential human protein targets of cannabidiol revealed by computer-aided structural analysis
Nipitpon Jaroenkit and Sirawit Ittisoponpisan

5. Chromosome karyotype analysis of some fritillaria species
Yongming Fan, Lihong Hao, Wei Zhu, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Xiaonan Yu

6. Virtual reality for fire evacuation from passenger train
Aaboud Ghizlane, Smouni Mohammed, Saoudi Taibi, Boudi Elmostapha

7. Cholesterol-lowering effects of lactic acid bacteria isolated from musa sapientum linn.
Nontaporn Rattanachak, Chatchawin Nualsri, Naiyaphat Nittayasut, Montra Srisayam, Arunluk Chodnakarin, Saharut Wongkaewkhiaw

8. Effects of wave solutions on shallow-water equation, optical- fibre equation and electric-circuit equation
Weerachai Thadee, Aungkanaporn Chankaew, Sirasrete Phoosree

9. A novel iterative finite element optimisation method of solving inverse problem of electrocardiography to localise ischemic region on the heart
Hamed Kaghazchi and Mustafa Kerem Un