1. The effect of temperature on threshold voltage, the low field mobilty
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2. Vdta-based floating fdnr simulator topology
W. Tangsrirat and P.Mongkolwai

3. Investigating the effectiveness of bu webex system
P. Krainuyachan, W. Choensawat and D. Isarakorn

4. Improvement voiced and unvoiced classification technique based on real time processing using fpga board
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5. Modeling for conversion of two-phase esterification for biodiesel production
T. Pinnarat

6. Some properties of y3-8-11 y211 composite bulk superconductors
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7. Management framework for a high-value of agricultural product to increase income for farmers in rural area
P. Khuntonthong, N. Chakpitak and G. Neubert

8. Influence of type and concentration of plasticizers on the properties
Thawien Wittaya

9. Antimotility effect of machiluss odoratissima & sonchus wightianus from nepal
A. Subedi, D. Khakural, S. Amatya, T. M. Shrestha, and M.P. Amatya