1. Dynamics of selenium species in a wetland system of great salt lake, utah, usa
Nagendra Devand Donald F. Hayes

2. Land use and hydrologic soil group classification for the yang river basin in northeast thailand
Naroumon Poomkhonsan and Supasit Konyai

3. Sugarcane harvest planning with yield and quality consideration
Suthasinee Binsomprasong and Supachai Pathumnakul

4. Improving quality of breast cancer data through pre-processing
Vatinee Sukmak and Jaree Thongkam

5. Construction and verification of hemi-anechoic room
Chukiet Sodsri

6. Using by pozzolan material and domestic abrasive material as composite material in casting process of rice polishing cylinder
Thitikan Boonkang, Nalin Pianthong, Tawanchai Pothom,Sukangkana Lee and Surapong Bangpan

7. An application of the value stream mapping and computer simulation for reducing an average service time for patients in the emergency care unit
Laongdao Khunngio and Panitarn Peerapattana

8. Radiation heat flux of the open-cellular porous gas burner
Bundit Krittacom, Pipatana Amatachaya and Ittiphol Worapun

9. Effect of batch size in repetitive construction
Chayaporn Khunchumnan and Suneerat Kusalasai

10. Dealloying corrosion of manganese aluminium bronze propeller- part i
Napachat Tareelap, Kaysinee Sriraksasin, Choochat Nitipanyawong and Preecha Termsuksawad

11. A neural network ensemble models for pig size prediction
Arthit Apichottanakul and Supachai Pathumnakul

12. Shipping simulation using hydrodynamic data ascertained from hec-ras model
Punpim Puttaraksa Mapiam

13. Process improvement for the reduction of carbon-dioxide lost in a company case study in carbonate soft drink manufacturing
Athakorn Kengpol, Wimolphan Kongsomboon and Sageewan Wiyanikorn

14. An automatic threshold level selection method for ar markers trackingunder conditions
Krittachai Boonsivanon and Sarayut thitapars

15. Effect of variables on mechanical property and peamebility of polyethylene-rice husk ash film
Chatklaw Machsri and Somjai Kajorncheappunngam

16. Injection, combustion, and engine emissions characteristicsform preheated vegetable oils
Ekkachai Sutheerasak