1. Finite element method for predicting of air flow passed residential buildings
Jittin Triputtarat, Sansanee Khuntiptong

2. A finite element method for viscous incompressible flow analysis
Jittin Triputtarat

3. Material identification of a bridge carrier using finite element analysis
Nantiwat Pholdee, Sujin Bureerat

4. The study on the crush characteristic of polyurethane foam-filled rectangular steel tubes under compressive load
Piyawoot Pongphet, Nirut Onsalung, Chawalit Thinvongpituk

5. A study of boiler efficiency using blended fuel between glycerin and heavy oil fuel
Ratchaphon Suntivarakorn, Chatcharin Sakkampang

6. Stability of symplectic integrators in molecular dynamics simulations
Piti thammavej, Juraivan Ratanapisit, Kulchanat Prasertsit

7. Effects of accelerated soaking and germinating process on gaba content in germinated paddy hom mali 105
Apichart Artnaseaw

8. Max-min ant system to solve vehicle routing problem case study- thantip factory of drinking water
Suphan Sodsoon, Sombat Sindhuchao

9. A mathematical model for vehicle routing of used-oil collection in bio-diesel production using visual basic interface- village bank and bio-diesel project
Srisawat Supsomboon

10. Bidirection true analogue switch based on two cciiis easy for measuring load power
Adisak Monpapassorn