1. Pencil lead electrodes for electrochemical analyses
Ekaraj Takaew, Ratsamee Chaisuksan

2. Contamination by and bioremediation of hexachlorocyclohexane
Khanitta Somtrakoon

3. Prime ideals of near left almost rings
Thiti Gaketem

4. Factor analysis affecting stripe height sigma in the lapping process
Paphakorn Pitayachaval, Wiwat Yingsuttipan

5. Value of unroasted black sesame seed cake
Kanjana Bansiddhi, Dherapol Bansiddhi

6. Use of bio-extract of pineapple shell mixed with pandan as a natural rubber coagulant
Saisamorn Lumlong, Smnapa Kmnan

7. Super absorbent polymer-synthesis, characterization, and applications
Warunee Tanan, Sayant Saengsuwan

8. The possibility of special structure for storage of electric charge
Apichai Siwaprapakorn, Supon Sumran