1. Potential development on agro-tourism participated by khlung community, chanthaburi, thailand
Preeyanan Sittijinda, Pakkapong Poungsuk and Thatree Rodchamnan

2. An investigation of factors influencing the implementation of gap among fruit farmers in rayong province, thailand
Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong, Peerachai Kullachai and Sasima Fakkhong

3. Farmer’s perceptions towards economic sustainability of rice farming in peri-urban area, bangkok, thailand
Sasima Fakkhong, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Panya Mankeb

4. Knowledge’s attitudes relating to urban vegetable productions of growers in bangkok, thailand
Suwat Thassananakajit, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Panya Mankeb

5. Determinants of the certified thai community product standard of small and micro community enterprise groups in samut sakhon province, thailand
Chalida Lerdkasemphol, Panya Mankeb, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Prapaporn Chulilung

6. Economic and social factors affecting oil palm products in the upper southern region: a case study of prachuap khiri khan province, thailand
Cha-on Juyjaeng, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Panya Mankeb

7. Socio-economic factors influencing white shrimp production in chachoengsao province, thailand
Kanokwan Tammaroopa, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Panya Mankeb

8. Farmer and farm characteristics affecting rice production on large agricultural plot scheme: a case of khlong khuean district, chachoengsao province, thailand
Sumonwan Jirarud, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Panya Mankeb

9. The participatory development of website for public relations sriya suffiency economy learning center hintang district, muang district, nakhon nayok province
Nuttarnun Sriged, Somsak Khuhasawanvej and Duangkamol Panrosthip Thunmathiwat

10. Financial cost and benefit analysis of pak-wan pa (melientha sauvis pierre) farming in ban mo district, saraburi province, thailand
Pongpat Julapak, Panya Mankeb, Thamrong Mekhora, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Prapaporn Chulilung

11. Socioeconomic factors influencing food security of farmer’s household in pak phli district, nakhon nayok province, thailand
Rachanon Wacgphitak, Panya Mankeb, Somsak Kuhaswonwecth, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Prapaporn Chulilung

12. Rice farmers’ perception and adaptation to climate change in agricultural zoning of bangkok
Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong, Sasima Fakkhong and Praphat Phiromnak

13. Organic agricultural practice of farmers in khueng kham sub-district, muengn distrit, yasothon, province, thailand
Pakkapong Poungsuk, Nawarat Pourpan, Somkuan Boonsawang, Heejung Kim and Phaitoon Thongsuk

14. Promotion of solid waste management in school by application of environmental education processes
Adisak Singseewo, Patcharapol Tritip

15. Promoting the conservation of mixed deciduous forest to the students in the environmental education program, faculty of environment and resource studies, mahasarakham university
Paiboon Limmanee, Dhanita Doungwilai

16. Local traditions to promote sustainable agriculture in northeastern thailand
Boonserm Wannasakpijitr

17. Development of an efficiency in chinese noodle (khanomjeen) production of koksa-ard village, kudtakai sub-district, plapak district, nakhon phanom province, thailand
Karn Hongmaneerat, Wanida Hongmaneerat and Wisit Kidkhamsuan

18. The lifestyle adjustment of the agricultural community to cope with the expansion of urban community : a case study of baan noen sa-ard, na rat khwai sub-district, muang district, nakhon phanom province, thailand
Boonserm Wannasakpijitr

19. Enhancement of the eco-learning process for loei upstream rehabilitation, lakdan sub-district, namnao district, petchaboon province
Kim Heejung, Tawid Rasi, Jeerasak Treedat and Pakkapong Poungsuk

20. Developing a sustainable sufficiency school management model by using the principle of a kluay model
Tawid Rasi

21. Needs for developing a school agricultural learning center model of students at praibuengwittayakom school, praibueng district, srisaket province, thailand
Wattana Saduak, Amporn Saduak, Nawarat Pourpan and Pakkapong Poungsuk

22. Problem conditions, agricultural needs and impacts of asean economic community on agricultural entrepreneurs in the responsibility areas of rajanagarindra rajabhat university
Tossapone Ruamchimplee, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Nopakoon Siriwan and Sataporn Deeying

23. The agricultural resource management problems for tourism of farmers in phuket island, thailand
Suthep Mungkhun, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Sarawut Intorrathed and Preeyanan Sittijinda

24. Context, understanding, and the sufficiency economy philosophy practice of baan thon na lab community members, baan doong distric, udonthani province
Songsak Wangkhahat, Pakkapong Pongsuk, Sarawut Intorrathed and Karn Hongmaneerat

25. Needs for the integration of agricultural subject with thai language, mathematics, and science subjects of first year elementary school teaching and learning facilitation, sangkaprachanussorn school
Surintorn Satiansiriwiwat, Sarawut Intorrathed and Noppakhun Siriwan

26. The development of asean natural resources and environmental learning guide for third year secondary school students, khi lek phitthayakom school, roi et province, thailand
Manit Sashiyo and Parichart Sachiyo

27. Problems in teacher profession training of b. ed. students (five-year-program) majoring in agriculture, faculty of agriculture and agro-industry, surin rajabhat university (sru)
Phaitoon Thongsuk, Chainarin Tubmarerng, Nararat Pourpan and Pakkapong Poungsuk

28. Problem conditions of animal science farms in institutes of vocation in agriculture, northeastern thailand
Rangsan Panyakom, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Sarawut Intorrathed and Karn Hongmaneerat

29. A delivery system for adopting package of technology on banana production
Fredisminda M. Dolojan

30. Acetogenic and acid utiliizng bacterial content analysis on ruminal fluid of water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) calves
Roche Zhes G. Robeniol, Vina D. Serrano, Perla DC. Florendo, Daniel Aquino, Karen J. Cruz and Cynthia C. Divina

31. Bag cultivation of split gill mushroom (schizophyllum commune) by application coconut meal substitute rice bran
Chaisit Preecha, Wethi Wisutthiphaet, Pornsil Seephueak and Siriwan Thongliumnak

32. Bamboo shoot fruit flies (gastrozona fasciventris and g.soror) (diptera:tephritidae:dacinae) in thailand
S. Tigvattananont and S. Bumroongsook

33. Biology and host plants of hippotion celerio(l.)(lepidoptera: (sphingidae)
R. Jeenkoed, S. Bumroongsook and S. Tigvattananont

34. Cost and return on investment of in season cropping and off-season cropping of rambutan, the economic fruit crop in nakhon si thammarat
Sugalya Preecha, Unchalee Sondee, Punvacee Junnim, Chalermkiat Ranglek and Suwisa Chaisuwan

35. Demersal fish assemblages of moo-khobulon, satun province, thailand: species composition, distribution, biomass and diversity
Samphan Promhom and Wanninee Chankaew

36. Diversity and screening of biological activity of red macroalgae from trang watershed area, thailand
Wanninee Chankaew, Walapa Luaelae , Sampan Phromhom

37. Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on yield and nutritive values of napier pak chong 1 (pennisetum purpureum cv. pakchong1)
Siriporn Sirichaiwetchakul, Siwaporn Paengkoum and Nidchaporn Nabhadalung

38. Growth and development of macroglossum corythus walker (lepidoptera: sphingidae)
S. Tigvattananont and S. Bumroongsook

39. Impact of the enzymatic modification of rice flours on in vitro digestibilty and molecular properties
Naphatrapi Luangsakul, Boonyanuch Supasorn and Surachai Yaiyen

40. In –vitro and in-vivo antimicrobial assay of pleurotus sajor caju, volvariella volvacea and auricularia auricula against streptococcus iniae in nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus l.)
Vina Kristina D. Serrano and Cynthia C. Divina

41. In vitro multiplication of musa (abb group) ‘kluai hin’
Wanida Duangkongsan, Kanarerk Pothongkum and Kasem Soythong

42. Study on the ability of extracts from cordyceps spp. biomass to prevent long-term memory impairment in mice by morris water maze
D. H . Quyen, T. P. H . Yen, V. T. Xuyen, D.M. Hiep, T. B. Nguyen, P.N.D. Hoang

43. Isolation, identification, and pathogenicity test from fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense causing banana wilt
Udompongsuk Mongkutkarn and Kasem Soyt ong

44. Isolation, identification, and pathogenicity test from neoscytalidium dimidiatum causing stem canker of dragon fruit
Danupat Thongkham and Kasem Soyt ong

45. Isolation of soil and endophytic fungi from rice (oryza sativa l.)
Thianrat Leewijit, Wattanachai Pongnak, Kasem Soytong and Supattra Poeaim

46. New technology plant protection from pest insects in closed environment of georgia
Chkhubianishvili Tsisia , Manan Kakhadze, Iatamze Malania, Mariam Chubinishvili, Rusudan Skhirtladze and Irine Rizhamadze

47. Pectinolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic microbiota in bubalus bubalis digestive tract as affected by weaning diets
Cristy A. Singh, Vina Kristina D. Serrano, Daniel L. Aquino, Perla DC. Florendo, Cynthia C. Divina and Karen J. Cruz

48. Plant growth promoting effect, gibberellic acid and auxin like activity of liquid extract of caulerpa racemosa onrice seed germination
Justin V. Dumale * , Geraldine R. Gamoso and Cynthia C. Divina Ph.D

49. Identification of lactobacillus sp. on the rumen of young calves (bubalus bubalis) given different diets
Erikka Y. Severo, Vina Kristina D. Serrano, Daniel L. Aquino, Perla DC. Florendo, Karen J. Cruz and Cynthia C. Divina

50. Supply chain management of lac production in mae tha district, lampang province, thailand
Panya Mankeb, Nisakorn Kumpook, Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong and Prapaporn Chulilung

51. The study cost and return of leb nok pattani rice variety cultivation : a case study in khuannongkhwa sub-district, chulabhorn district, nakhon si thammarat province
Unchalee Sondee, Prangwara Junna, Phatthama Nuasuwan, Pannapa Varoros and Maneerat Panchatree

52. The genus purpureocillium from different ecology in the southeast vietnam
Cham Thi Mai Le, Nhi Thi Thuy Le, Duong Thi Thuy Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen Duc Pham, Xo Hoa Duong

53. The influence of different genotypes on growth and yield of oil palm (eleais guineensis jacq.)
Sakularat Sanputawong and Sorapong Benchasri

54. The study of cost and returns from pineapple (smooth cayenne) intercrop production in rubber plantation in pabon district, phatthalung province
Phatcharee Prasong, Tikamporn Chaiaram, Mavika Khongkaew, Yapaporn Dungkaew, Ratchanee Tiled, Varaporn Wongprot, Wahaleemo Marou

55. Diversity of trees on waterside of the tapae canal, thong song district, nakhon si thammarat province, thailand
Na Nakorn Wattana, Chankoed Thanyakitt, Jitpech Chaichana, Khunchai Hathaichanok and Na Nakorn Somporn