1. Diagnosing and providing the support systems needs of small scale organic rice farmers in bicol region, philippines
Carmelita N. Cervantes

2. Participation in household garbage sorting of baan lao yai community, kudchum district, yasothon province
Kim, Heejung, Adisak Singseewo, Manit Sachiyo and Pakkapong Poungsuk

3. The current condition of teaching and learning on agriculture teachers training of thailand
Voraporn Sangnate, Sarawut Intorrathed, Panit Khemtong and Pakkapong Poungsuk

4. Determination and comparison of drill seeder draft in different engine rotation speed, gear ratio and working depth
Ahmad Jahanbakhshi, Behnam Tajari, Saadi Heidar i Razdareh, Kamran Kheiralipour

5. Growth dynamics and yield of rice genotypes grown in transplanted and direct-seeded fields
Bancha Wiangsamut, Teodoro C. Mendoza and Tanguy A. Lafarge

6. Evaluation of entomopathogenic nematodes against diamond back moth, plutella xylostella (lepidoptera: plutellidae) on cabbage under laboratory and glasshouse conditions
Gonfa Tolera, Tesfaye Hailu, Mohammed Dawd, Mulugeta Negeri and Thangavel Selvaraj

7. Fumigant toxicity of lemon grass, citronella grass and black pepper essential oils against mushroom mite (dolichocybe indica mahunka)
Jarongsak Pumnuan and Ammorn Insung

8. Root rot of geranium transplants and its biological control
Adolf, K.M.

9. Evaluation of selected seed treatment methods for the control of fusarium graminearum and f. avenaceum on wheat seeds
Kena Mapotso Anna

10. Isolation and pathogenicity of the fungus, fusarium solani a causal of dry root rot on sour orange in baghdad province
Mazin H . H. Al - Karboli and Wadeja M. Kuthair

11. Amino acid composition and nutritional value of seed proteins in sesame (sesamum indicum l.) cultivars grown in vietnam
Tran Thi Thanh Huyen, Nguyen Van Mui and Cao Phi Bang

12. Farm mechanization is the solution. what are the problems
Teodoro C. Mendoza