1. Gahung-gahung organic cassava farming system- a climate change adaptive and poverty-alleviating farming strategy
Ace William E. Cerilles

2. Weed based organic fertilizer to reduce application of synthetic fertilizer in mustard (brassica sinensis l.)
N. Setyowati, Z. Muktamar and I. Puspitasari

3. Biological preparations developed by belarusian state university for environmentally friendly farming
Grineva I.A., Maslak D.V., Feklistova I.N., Skakun T.L., Sadovskaya L.E., Maximova N.P.

4. Influence of different type of culture media and activated charcoal on callus induction and shootmultiplication of cadaminelyrata
Sakularat Sanputawong, Tiwa Raknim and Sorapong Benchasri

5. Evaluation of tithonia-enriched liquid organic fertilizer for organic carrot production
Fahrurrozi, Zainal Muktamar, Nanik Setyowati, Sigit Sudjatmiko, Mohammad Chozin

6. Comparison among chemical, gap and organic method for tea cultivation in vietnam
Nguyen Huu Phong, Wattanachai Pongnak, Kasem Soytong, Nguyen The Quyet, Dang Van Thu, Nguyen Xuan Cuong and Luong Thi Ngoc Van

7. Organic agricultural producer strategies in supply chain of sustainable agriculture network, chachoengsao province, thailand
Chanhathai Kerdsriseam and Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong

8. Impact of biofuel production on hydrology (a case study of klongphlo watershed, eastern thailand)
Songvoot Sangchan

9. Distribution of millipedes in family harpagophoridae from different tropical forest types
Sirirut Sukteeka, Nathawut Thanee, Somsak Punha, Suwit Jitpukdee and Samai Sewakhonburi

10. Species diversity of benthic macrofauna in the intertidal zone of krabi, trang and satun coasts,thailand
Suwit Jitpukdee, Khwanta Tantikamton, Nathawut Thanee and Watcharaporn Tantipanatip

11. Ectoparasites associated with bats intropical forest of northeastern thailand
Sarawee Aroon, Jacques G. Hill III, Taksin Artchawakom, Sitthisak Pinmongkholgul, Sajeera Kupittayanant and Nathawut Thanee

12. Genetic variability analysis in rice mutant lines from gamma rays radiation using agromorphological and ssr markers
Nguyen Thi Hong*, Vo Thi Minh Tuyen, Nguyen Thi Hue, Tran Thi Thu Trang, Le Huy Ham

13. Assessment of genetic diversity and relationships among charadriusleschenaultii and charadriusmongolus using aflp markers
Supattra Poeaim, Nichapat Chobarporn and Krairat Eiamampai

14. Study on chrysanthemums breeding by gamma (co60) irradiation on callus of 4 exotic varieties
Le Duc Thao, Nguyen Viet Dung and Nguyen Thi Tham

15. Efficacy of extracts of water yam (dioscoreaalata) and aerial yam (dioscoreabulbifera) peels in the control of white yam (dioscorearotundata) rot
Okigbo RN, Opara PU and Anuagasi, C L

16. Herbs and spices- plants protecting plants
Cynthia Cervero Divina

17. Fungal inhibiting capacity of an ethnobotanical plant from imugan, nueva vizcaya against fusariumoxysporum and fusariummoniliforme
Joel B. Ellamar, Hak Ryul Kim, Renato G. Reyes

18. Bioconversion of philippine oil to biologically active hydroxy fatty acid 7,10-dihydroxy-8(e)-octadecenoic acid (dod) by pseudomonas aeruginosa pr3
Joel B. Ellamar, Hak Ryul Kim, Renato G. Reyes

19. Allelopathic effects of bidenspilosa var. radiata and its utilization to control weeds in rice
R. Krumsri, , U. Suwunnamek, W. Homhaul, C. Laosinwattana and T. Poonpaiboonpipattana

20. The relationships between thrips populations and climatic factors, mangosteen development stage in nakhon si thammarat province, thailand
Tipawan Thongjua and Jarun Thongjua

21. Identifications of phytophthora spp. causing citrus root rots in thailand
Phung Manh Hung, Pongnak Wattanachai, Soytong Kasem and Supattra Poeaim

22. The occurrence and the approach to control of root and foot rot of pummelo (citrus maxima (burm.)merr.)var. tabtimsiam in nakhorn si thammarat province
Chaisit Preecha, Wethi Wisutthiphaet and Pornsil Seephueak

23. Application of nano-particles from chaetomium globosum to control leaf spot of rice
Rujira Tongon and Kasem Soytong

24. Biological activity of endophytic fungi from palm trees against chili anthracnose caused by colletotrichum capsici
Song JiaoJiao, Wattanachai Pongnak and Kasem Soytong

25. Antifungal activity of talaromycesmuroii against coffee anthracnose
Mayamor Soytong and Supattra Poeaim

26. Antifungal activities of endophytic fungi isolated from orchids against colletotrichum sp. caused anthracnose in orchids
Vannak Sour, Sarayut Phonpho, Kasem Soytong

27. Commercial developmentof the ostrich industry in botswana
John Cassius Mor?kia and Boitumelo Kgakole

28. Carbon massflow and greenhouse gases emission from livestock productions in thailand- case study of nakhonratchasima, chon buri and prachinburi provinces
Panisara Vichairattanatragul, Nathawut Thanee, Prayong Keeratiurai

29. Rt-lamp test kit- a new generation of molecular quick test kit for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (pedv)
Clarissa Yvonne, J. Domingo and Rubigilda Paraguison-Alili

30. The desires of people to fattening mud crab in the mangrove of la-ngu district, satun province
Natpatcharakarn Kaewploy, Ratchadakorn Phonpakdee, Nopakoon Siriwan, Pakkapong Poungsuk and Marlowe Ubaldo Aquino

31. Column study of nitrate downward movement and selected soil chemical properties’ change in mine spoiled soil as influenced by local based liquid organic fertilizer
Z. Muktamar, S.Y.K. Hasibuan, D. Suryati and N. Setyowati

32. Factor condition of animal science farms in institutes of vocational in agriculture of northeastern region, thailand
Rongsan Panyakom, Pakkapong Poungsuk and Sarawut Intorrathed

33. Needs for the development of a school agricultural learning center model of students’ guardians, praibuengwittaya school, praibueng district, srisaket
Wattana Saduak, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Ratchadakorn Phonpakdee and Sataporn Deeying

34. Socio-economic factors influencing rice production in peri-urban area, bangkok, thailand
Sasima Fakkhong and Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong

35. The model development of agricultural education management of buriramrajabhat university- a case study of the opinion on informal education
Araya Musika, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Nopakoon Siriwan and Sarawut Intorrathed

36. Community participation in agro-tourism development at klongplu,khaokitchakood, chanthaburi province
Preeyanan Sittijinda, Pakkapong Poungsuk and Benjamas Duanrung

37. Hotel businesses and their connection to local governments- a comparative case study between chao samran beach and cha-am beach
Apirat Udomsup and AkeTangsupvattana

38. Needs for developing sustainable agricultural learning sources in wangkwang community, nam nao district, phetchabun province
Tawit Rasee and Pakkapong Poungsuk

39. Standardization and commercialization of chevon products
Fredisminda M. Dolojan

40. Truffles- what we know and what should we know
Younes Rezaee Danesh

41. Accounting development for sustainable production of indigenous rice in southern part of thailand
Unchalee Sondee, Sugalya Preecha, Punwajee Junnim, Chaloemkiat Ranglek and Phatcharee Prasong

42. Growth, yield components, agronomic traits, kernel yield, cost and benefit of the nk48 corn genotype grown in tillage and no-tillage soils with different rice residue management practices
B. Wiangsamuta, P. Umnatb and M. Koolplukseea

43. Study on the effect of some of n, p, k fertilizer compounds on the yield and quality of bp53 rice variety
Hoang Mai Thao, Nguyen Huu Hong, Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, Nguyen Van Toan, Luu Ngoc Quyen

44. Study on interplating density of taros (colocasiaesculenta (l.) schott) in acacia plantation under the agroforestry model in bac kan province
Nguyen Huu La, Ha Manh Phong

45. Screening on allelopathic potential of 12 leguminous plants on germination and growth of barnyardgrass
Poonpaiboonpipattana, T., Suwunnamek, U and Laosinwattana, C

46. Development of spawn culture material from reused spawn for cultivation split gill mushroom (schizophyllum commune)
Chaisit Preecha, Wethi Wisutthiphaet, Pornsil Seephueak, and Siriwan Thongliumnak

47. Additional findings nutrition or growth regulatorthrough the root and foliar for hac tri persimmon in phutho, vietnam
Ha Quang Thuong, Han Thi Hong Ngan, Han Thi Hong Xuan and Do The Viet

48. Result of breeding and selecting high amino acid and reduced sugar content-tea varieties for high quality green tea processing in vietnam
Nguyen Van Toan, Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, Phung Le Quyen and Nguyen Hoang Ha

49. To study the effect of microbial products on yield and quality of tea and soil properties
Ha Thi Thanh ?oan and Nguyen Van Toan

50. Effect of crop load on fruit development and fruit quality of pummelo var. tabtimsiam
Somporn Na Nakorn, Chaiporn Chalumpak and Kriangsak Sangwiroonton

51. Investigation of rambutan sugar granule production process and its sensory quality
Kannikar Charoensuk, Tongjaun Vipatjarernlap and Priyaporn Anartngam

52. Effect of blanching on b-glucan content of native mushrooms in thailand
Mongkontanawat, N. and Wongekalak, L.

53. Evaluating characteristics related to drought tolerance in tea genetic resources as the basis to select new tea clone with drought resistance
Nguyen Van Thiep, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha and Trinh Thi Kim My

54. Use of ambient upland rice fermented vinegar vapor to extend shelf life of sweet basil (ocimumbasilicum linn.)
Kanokporn Changsawake, Warawut Krusong, Chamroon Laosinwattana and Montinee Teerarak

55. Evaluation of photosynthesizing bacteria for the growth of rice var. rd41
R. Vareeket and Kasem Soytong

56. Breeding for the salinity tolerance rice variety in vietnam
Luu Minh Cuc, Phung Ton Quyen, Luu Thi Ngoc Huyen and Le Huy Ham

57. Effects of pgf2a and gnrh on reproductive performance of cattle and buffaloes in thailand and philippines
Virapol Jamsawat, Felomino V. Mamuad and Emma V. Venturina

58. Post mortem viability of epididymal sperm from philippine native water buffalo (bubalusbubalis)
Edeneil Jerome P. Valete, Excel Rio S. Maylem, Marlon B. Ocampo, Evaristo A. Abella and Lerma C. Ocampo

59. Knowledge management adoption of animal husbandry on broiler farms in western thailand
Wuttikorn Injana, Sarawut Intrarathet, Ratchadakorn Phonpakdee and Pakkapong Poungsuk

60. Practical application of medical plant powders as an alternative of antibiotic growth promoter in pig feed
Nguyen Tai Nang and Nguyen Thi Quyen

61. Strategies to improve the developmental competence of water buffalo oocytesin vitro
Marlon B. Ocampo and Lerma C. Ocampo

62. Ethnoveterinary technology for parasite dewormer to support goat-oil palm integration in bengkulu indonesia
Tatik Suteky and Dwatmadji

63. Carbon emission from energy use in thai native chicken production in nakhon ratchasima province, thailand
Panisara Vichiratanatrakul, Nathawut Thanee, Natthakittiya Paiboon, Watcharaporn Tantipanatip and Thanapan Thanee

64. A protocol for the in vitro production of bubaline embryos- the philippine experience
Marlon B. Ocampo and Lerma C. Ocampo

65. Effects of stocking density, feed and hormones on artificial reproduction of tire track eel (mastacembelusarmatus)
Phan Thi Yen and Cao Van

66. Assessment of heavy metals in fish and water in cage fish culture at loei river, loei province
Netnapa Pongpetch, Niti Amchuen

67. Non-experimental validation of the effectiveness of ethno-veterinary botanical medicine (evb-m) materials used in the municipality of echagueisabela
Leah S. Guzman

68. Determination of 1-hydroxyrene and 2-napthol in intertidal rocky shore macrobenthos following oil spill at aoprao, samed island
Jindarha Prempramote, Chayanid Meepoka, Sujitra Samakraman and Monthon Ganmanee

69. Folic acid supplementation for bovine oocyte maturation and fertilization in vitro
Karlo M. Tawatao, Fely V. Manaois II, Lerma C. Ocampo and Marlon B. Ocampo

70. Sex identification in barn swallows (hirundorustica linnaeus) by molecular technique
Thanyalak Malaitad, Supattra Poeaim and Krairat Eiamampai

71. Evaluating rotational grazing technology for integrated bali cattle-oil palm system on herbage production to support sustainable meat production in bengkulu province, indonesia
Dwatmadji, Tatik Suteky, and Edi Soetrisno

72. Amino acid composition and nutritional value of seed proteins in some sesame (sesamumindicum l.) cultivars grown in vietnam
Tran Thi Thanh Huyen, Nguyen Van Mui, Cao Phi Bang

73. Applications of gamma rays irradiation and marker assisted selection for improving of bacterial leaf blight resistant rice variety, bt62.1
VoThi Minh Tuyen, Nguyen Thi Hong, Phan Quoc My, Nguyen Thi Hue, Le Huy Ham

74. Attraction effect of thrips to sticky trap color on orchid greenhouse condition
Tipawan Thongjua, Jarun Thongjua, Jantapa Sriwareen and Jirawan Khumpairun

75. Biological activity of metabolites from lepiotaprocera against plant pathogen (colletotrichumcapsici)
Phaophilat Phadungpran, Wattanachai Pongnak and Kasem Soytong

76. Biological investigation on the red cotton bug, dysdercuscingulatus (f.)
Janejira name, Suvarin Bumroongsook and Saen Tigvattananontand

77. Building the models of intergrated pest management (ipm) for cinnamomum cassia in van yen district, yen bai province
Pham Thanh Loan*, Ngo The Long, Cao Van, Nguyen Thi Kim Thom, Nguyen ?ac Trien

78. Callus induction and cell suspension cultures of rhizome peanut (arachisglabrata) cultivars- arbrook
Anurug Poeaim, Supattra Poeaim, Pradit Pongtongkam and Jantakarn Arananant

79. Comparison on the efficiency of estrus synchronization methods for artificial insemination in goats
J.D. Sumeldan, L.C. Ocampo, E.P. Atabay, E.F. Celestino, J.V. Lazaro and M.B. Ocampo

80. Cost and return of straw mushroom cultivation comparison between rice straw and oil palm bunch
Sugalya Preecha, Pornsuda Choovong, Peerada Anunon, Malivan Hnoosong1, Janpet Roonglavan, Wassana Thongrakjan, Wassana Suvansee and Chaisit Preecha

81. Distribution and life history of hawk moths on noni plants in thailand
Nattha Kliangklao, Saen Tigvattananont and Suvarin Bumroongsook

82. Effect of herbicides on weed control and plant growth in immature oil palm (2-year old oil palm plantation)
Jarun Thongjua and Tipawan Thongjua

83. Effect of manure and chemical fertilizer on vegetative growth of off-season durian production
Somporn Na Nakorn and Chaiporn Chalumpak

84. Evaluation of bioassay using in vitro matured water buffalo oocytes in predicting bull sperm fertility
Lemuel M. Aquino, Fely V. Manaois II, Lerma C. Ocampo and Marlon B. Ocampo

85. Evaluation of sequential changes on 1st meiotic division of goat oocytes in vitro
Riza M. Ambe, Virgilio D. Viernes, Elfren F. Celestino Jr, Lerma C. Ocampo and Marlon B. Ocampo

86. In silico identification, classification and expression analysis of genes encoding putative light-harvesting chlorophyll a b-binding proteins in coffee
Cao Phi Bang, Tran Thi Thanh Huyen

87. A study on prevalence of intestinal nematodes in dogs in phutho province
N.T. Quyen, N.T.K. Lan, C. Van, N.T. Nang

88. Study on toxocaracanis in experimentaly infected dogs by toxocaracanis
N.T.K. Lan, N.T. Quyen, C. Van and N.T. Nang

89. The biological control agent of water primrose-theretrasilhetensis
Maneerat Meekhunthod, Suvarin Bumroongsook and Saen Tigvattananont

90. Thyascoronata (f.)- a fruit piercing moth
Nichapat Kamlangkla, Suvarin Bumroongsook and Saen Tigvattananont