1. Productivity improvement of noodle production process in case study: noodle production factory
Kanoknapa Boonsongprasert and Khongphu Nimanandh

2. Effect of environmental conditions and kinetics of laccase on dicofol removal
Apinya Onsarn and Karnika Ratanapongleka

3. Performance study of solar pv system for fish pond aerators case study: tungyao village
Akarin Intaniwet, Sulaksana Mongkon and Sarawut Polvongsri

4. Development of interlocking block pilot plant using mae moh power plant ash
Suwit Saisuthanawit and Nivit Charoenchai

5. Stress concentration due to shear lag effect in simply supported steel box girders with longitudinal stiffeners
Tanpitcha Pumphaka and Taweep Chaisomphob

6. Improved sorting in qr code images using evm technique for reversible data hiding
Chaiyaporn Panyindee, Teranai Leelawiwat and Pattarawadee Rangsirak

7. Performance improvement of mae moh power plant unit 12 by adjusting of feed water heater at the capacity of 240 mw and 180 mw
Khomkrit Mongkhuntod and Chatchawan Chaichana

8. Productivity improvement of namdokmai mango packing process a case study: an exporter of tropical fruits and vegetables
Parinya Pattanawasanporn

9. Reducing setup and adjustment time of plastic injection mold
Chutikan Leetera, Natticha Munkeed and Ninlawan Choomrit

10. Cost of electricity loss analysis in distribution system from delayed substation construction
Nantachai Kantanantha and Pantiwa Chitkrue

11. Design and implementation of proportional- resonant controller for single-phase shunt active power filter using indirect current control technique
Kaweewat Podumrongchai, Wanchak Lenwari and Kanapot Yodmanee

12. Analysis of airborne gravity accuracy using cross-over adjustment in chao phraya basin.
Nuttanon Duangdee, Puttipol Dumrongchai and Chawis Srimanee

13. Life cycle assessment of organic rankine cycle power plant combined with centralized drying room from geothermal energy
Panisa Ondokmai and Nattaporn Chaiyat

14. A study of relation between straightness and cutting force in aluminium turning
Pannipa Puangpad and Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen

15. Heuristic based scheduling for tablets film coating process
Chutamas Pontrakul and Pisit Jarumaneeroj

16. Reduction of touch dry problem of enamel paint
Phalatkorn Jaipongakkharakul and Napasssavong Osothsilp

17. Effect of ph on acidification of whey, yeast and yolk wastewaters
Pacharawan Hanjai, Somjai Karnchanawong and Seni Karnchanawong

18. Comparison of image segmentation techniques for pcb quality inspection
Jakkrit Onshaunjit and Jakkree Srinonchat

19. Adsorption and photocatalysis process of titanium dioxide immobilized montmorillonite for malachite green decolorization
Jureeporn Wongjunda and Chakkrit Umpuch

20. The application of qfd for designing pea’s service prior to meet customer requirement
Runchana Sinthavalai and Kanokporn Wongmanee