1. Front bumpers inventory policy improvement for an automotive spare parts distributor
Artitaya Tengtragul and Naragain Phumchusri

2. Synthesis of hydroxyl radical in plasma-activated water by gliding arc plasma
Pruetipong Pruetikun and Komkrit Leksakul

3. The study of wear behavior of hardfacing layer on 3.5% cr steel by flux cored wire arc welding process
Teerachod Treeparee and Prapas Muangjunburee

4. Appropriate proportion of dust rock in ready mix concrete by six sigma
Weerachai Areerak and Jeerapat Nagoprasertwong

5. Analysis loss in combustion system suction duct of a coal-fired power plant by cfd
Pakawhat Khumkhreung and Yottana Khunatorn

6. Simulation of groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion around a storage pond in phang-nga province
Patsawan Boonyarattapant, Surachai Lipiwattanakarn, Chaiwat Kayankarnnavy and Punpim Puttaraksa Mapiam

7. Analysis a material effecting to intensity of sound of under variable frequencies
Arnon Isaramongkolrak and Rattakol Vuttavipat

8. Effects of factors in packaging process on volume of carbon dioxide mixed beverage
Chanida Kampalanon and Napassavong Osothsilp

9. Effects of instrumentation devices on load transfer measurement of deep cement mixing piles under axial loading
Tananat Yonjoho, Pornkasem Jongpradist and Siriwan Waichita

10. Development of a decision support system for weir sluice gate level adjustment case study: mae chan, chiang rai
Benya Suntaranont, Somrawee Aramkul, Paskorn Champrasert, Chochoke Ayupong and Manop Kaewmoracharoen

11. Cost efficiency analyis for black dot defect in plastic injection process by six sigma approach
Suphachok Sengnongban and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

12. The effects of cation ratios on ion exchange mechanism of low salinity waterflooding in sandstone reservoirs
Chanapol Charoentanaworakun and Falan Srisuriyachai

13. Appropriate parameters for breakdown of pesticide by plasma activated water technique
Suchada Phunsathitwong and Komgrit Leksakul

14. Development of the semi-automatic forming of sago with pork filling balls machine
Sunan Parnsakhorn, Jaturong Langkapin, Charoenphon Sombathom and Apisit Makmuang

15. Production lot sizing problem with sudden obsolescence and machine breakdowns considering repair time
Parachanun Khurimon and Thanawath Niyamosoth

16. Appropriate parameters of plasma activated water for growth inhibition of e. coli by box-behnken design
Settawut Janthima, Choncharoen Sawangrat, Dheerawan Boonyawan, Saisamorn Lumyong, Jatorong Kumla and Nakarin Suwannarach

17. An optimal neural network controller for a pv charging system using the moga/bpa
Rati Wongsathan

18. Development of automatic electrode position selection and electrode integrity determination system for electromyography signal measurement
Withit Sae-lim, Pornchai Phukpattaranont and Kittikhun Thongpull

19. Improvement for segmental box girder for installation process of mass rapid transit, the green line project (northern zone)
Prapot Rattamanee and Danai Wantanakorn

20. Simulation of a fluidized bed characteristics using dem-cfd coupling
Preeda Prakotmak and Sathaphon Wangchai