1. A comparative study of rice variety classi cation based on deep learning and hand-crafted features
Vinh Truong Hoang, Duc Phan Van Hoai, Thongchai Surinwarangkoon, Huu-Thanh Duong, Kittikhun Meethongjan

2. The gap model of e-government service in thailand e-tourism
Sudarat Pongamponkaiwan, Adisorn Leelasantitham

3. Enhancing understanding of online content using design factors in di erent multimedia genres
Banphot Nobaew

4. Economic dispatch using modi ed hybrid ba/ats
Suppakarn Chansareewittaya

5. Test input data generation for choiceless program nets
Wu Biao, Qi-Wei Ge

6. An enhanced abc algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem with time windows
Krittika Kantawong, Sakkayaphop Pravesjit

7. Emotion classi cation system for digital music with a cascaded technique
Kanawat Sorussa, Anant Choksuriwong, Montri Karnjanadecha

8. Enhanced particle swarm optimization for path planning of unmanned aerial vehicles
Kai Yit Kok, Parvathy Rajendran

9. Extensive multilinear algebraic transformer model
Rawid Banchuin, Roungsan Chaisrichaoren

10. Collaborative learning of estimation of distribution algorithms for rna secondary structure prediction
Supawadee Srikamdee, Prabhas Chongstitvatana