1. Neural mechanisms of bias and sensitivity in animal models of decision making
G. D. Bird, M. Takahashi, H. Nishida, J. Lauwereyns

2. Signal and image processing in the encrypted domain
M. Fujiyoshi, H. Kiya

3. Improvement of standard and non-standard floating-point operators
Surapong Pongyupinpanich, Francois Philipp, Faizal Arya Samman and Manfred Glesner

4. Particle based visualization of stress distribution caused by the aortic valve deformation
K. Niki, N. Mukai, M. Nakagawa, S. Takanashi

5. Classification models based-on incremental learning algorithm and feature selection on gene expression data
Phayung Meesad, Sageemas Na Wichian, Unger Herwig and Patharawut Saengsiri

6. Interference study of medical body area network for proactive performance improvement
R. Vesilos, E. Dutkiewicz, G. Fang

7. A cross video-mac layer approach for generating adaptive fmo map
S. Aramvith, T. H. Vu

8. Hardware development of baseband transceiver and fpga-based testbed in 8
Y. Miyanaga, S. Yoshizawa

9. Speech enhancement based on linear prediction and correlation-inputting bias free equation error adf
M. Kobayashi, S. Wada, N. Sasaoka, J. Okello, Y. Itoh

10. Isolated word recognition based on combination of multiple noise-robust techniques
N. Hayasaka

11. Single-rf diversity receiver for ofdm system using espar antenna with alternate direction
S. Tsukamoto, M. Okada

12. Rtl design of joint cfo and iq-imbalance compensator for narrow-band wireless system
D. Nojima, T. Yoshida, Y. Nagao, L. Lanante Jr, B. Sai, M. Kurosaki, H. Ochi