Volume 33, No. 02, Month APRIL, Year 2023, Pages -

Evaluation and analysis of factors affecting the development of logistics system during covid-19 situation in thailand with regard to the concept of industry 4.0

Yotsuda Buranasing, Somkiat Jongprasithporn, Nantakrit Yodpijit, Manutchanok Jongprasithporn

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COVID-19 is spreading so quickly causing many businesses to close down. On the other hand, logistics and e-commerce businesses are growing dramatically and affecting logistics system significantly because people have to stay and work at home. With the change of consumer behavior, this research aims to evaluate factors affecting logistics system and to develop work system during Covid-19 situation using Industry 4.0 principles. The paper presents literature review of Industry 4.0, the evaluation of factors affecting logistics system during Covid-19 situation and Industry 4.0 applications in logistics system using questionnaire, in-depth interview, and focus group of 15 middle and higher managers from large logistics service providers. Work system is developed based upon suggestions of appropriate technologies for logistics system. The result shows that the factors affecting logistics system during Covid-19 situation include sustainable adaptability, supply chain flexibility, trust, communication, and consumer behavior. More importantly, Industry 4.0 principles can improve productivity, reduce the effects of factors affecting logistics system and increase logistic competitiveness in the future.


Covid-19; Logistics System; Industry 4.0


Published by : King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
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