Volume 36, No. 04, Month JULY, Year 2021, Pages 401 - 408

Comparison of intraoperative core temperature between forced-air warming with modified lower-body cover and with commercial lower-body cover in major abdominal surgery

Monsicha Somjit, Narin Plailaharn, Akkharawat Sinkueakunkit, Wilawan Somdee, Viriya Thincheelong, Pumpuang Sarapanish

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Background and objective: Perioperative hypothermia causes numerous postoperative complications. Maintaining normothermia is challenging during major open abdominal surgery because heat is lost from the abdominal cavity by evaporation. Numerous studies demonstrate that convective heating (forced-air system) is among the most effective methods of preventing intraoperative hypothermia. This study aimed to compare modified lower-body cover and commercial lower-body cover for maintain intraoperative core temperature in major abdominal surgery. Methods: This prospective randomized controlled trial was conducted in major abdominal surgery patients during November 2014 to October 2015. For forced air warming patients were randomly divided into 2 groups to use with modified lower-body cover (n=20) or use with commercial lower-body cover (n=20). The primary outcome was core temperature in the first 2 hours after anesthetized. GLM and repeated-measures analysis were used to assess. Results: Demographic parameters of the two groups were similar, as were surgical details. Compare mean of intraoperative core temperature between modified lower-body cover group 35.94 ± 0.65๐C with commercial lower-body cover group 36.18 ± 0.81๐C were not significantly non-inferiority in the first 2 hours ๐C (95% CI -0.23, 0.71). Conclusion: The forced air warming with modified lower-body can maintain intraoperative core temperature comparable with commercial lower-body cover. We need more research data for support that modified lower-body cover can be used safely as an alternative choice for maintain intraoperative core temperature in major abdominal surgery.


Intraoperative hypothermia; Forced-air warming; Modified lower-body cover; Major abdominal surgery.


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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