1. Experimental study of a 2-stage parabolic dish-stirling engine in thailand
Krissadang Sookramoon, Pracha Bunyawanichakul, Bancha Kongtragool

2. Closed-loop input shaping with quantitative feedback controller applied to slewed two-staged pendulum
Withit Chatlatanagulchai, Takat Benjalersyarnon

3. Numerical and experimental study of the transverse creep-recovery behavior of bamboo culm (dendrocalamus hamiltonii)
Thawatchai Ounjaijom, Wetchayan Rangsri

4. Composition of bamboo walls and compressed earth block walls in a simple house that produces energy efficient to heat and embodied energy in indonesia
Vincentius Totok Noerwasito

5. Synergistic use of genetic algorithm and spectral angle mapper for hyperspectral band selection of roof materials
Bahareh Kalantar, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri

6. Effects of wall embedded length ratio and wall thickness ratio on undrained stability of cantilever piled walls
Boonchai Ukritchon, Kant Teeravong, Suraparb Keawsawasvong

7. A numerical study of load distribution of pile group foundation by 2d model
Boonchai Ukritchon, Janine Faustino, Suraparb Keawsawasvong