1. A survey on smartphone authentication
Suwimon Vongsingthong, Siripat Boonkrong

2. A survey on algorithms based on bee swarms for ad hoc networks
Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Hamideh Fatamidokht

3. Research in random parameters of genetic algorithm and its application on tsp and optimization problems
Mohammed Masoud Javidi, Roghiyeh Hoseinpour Fard, Mahdi Jampour

4. A new algorithm to detect occluded face from a head viewpoint using hough transform and skin ratio
Theekapun Charoenpong, Patarida Sanitthai

5. Competency and qualifications for ict support in thailand
Nachayapat Rodprayoon

6. Mhealth-a design of an exercise recommendation system for the android operating system
Pongpisit Wuttidittachotti, Sineerat Robmeechai, Therdpong Daengsi

7. Intensity and pattern of land surface temperature in hat yai city, thailand
Poonyanuch Ruthirako, Rotchanatch Darnsawasdi, Wichien Chatupote

8. Performance of some evapotranspiration equations in an arid region
Mohammad Mehdi Heydari, Ali Abbasi, Morteza Heydari