1. Wald confidence intervals for the parameter in a bernoulli component of zero-inflated poisson and zero-altered poisson models with different link functions
Patchanok Srisuradetchai, Sunisa Junnumtuam

2. A comparison of mhw and ahw methods for forecasting crude palm oil productions in thailand
Kittiphoom Suppalakpanya, Ruamporn Nikhom, Thitima Booranawong, Apidet Booranawong

3. An application of a cumulative-sum control chart for elderly fall detection using smartphone accelerometers
Ekachai Thammasat, Jarree Chaicharn

4. Influence of the jet air flow with inclined plate under corona discharge
Suwimon Saneewong Na Ayuttaya

5. Enhancing germination and seedling vigor of upland rice seed under salinity and water stresses by osmopriming
Siraprapa Brooks, Dusit Athinuwat, Pantipa Na Chiangmai

6. Comparisons of dna analysis using qiageninvestigator 24plex qs kit and ampflstr identifiler plus pcr amplification kit
Wongsakorn Kangsanan, Orawan Somboonngern, Sorada Pitileartpanya, Duangnate Pipatsatitpong

7. Accelerated stability study on anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory activities and phytochemical contents of the ethanolic extract of zingiber officinale roscoe
Rodsarin Yamprasert, Waipoj Chanvimalueng, Napaporn Pattanacharoenchai, Weerachai Pipatrattanaseree, Nichamon Mukkasombut, Arunporn Itharat

8. Optimization of ingredients using response surface methodology and effects of organic acids on phytochemicals and antioxidant activities in extruded purple corn noodle
Hathaigan Kokkaew, Nisakorn Srithanyarat, Theparit Pitirit

9. Analyses of accumulation pattern of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase (aco) and ethylene response sensor (ers) transcripts in fully-opened flower and emasculation response in flower development of vanda miss joaqu
Noppamart Lokkamlue, Pattana Srifah Huehne

10. Effects of trichloroethylene on lymphocyte viability, genotoxicity and alteration of c-myc and wt1 genes
Naphan Tangchitphredanonth, Malinee Pongsavee

11. Role of trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase encoding gene in cell wall homeostasis of talaromyces marneffei
Srisombat Puttikamonkul, Kruawan Chotelersak, Kwannan Nantavisai, Chitraporn Kuanpradit, Angkana Chaiprasert

12. Impact of abo rs505922 genetic variant on angiotensin-converting enzyme activity in thai population
Ammara Chaikan, Nipapan Malisorn