1. A new family of distribution with application on two real datasets on survival problem
Kanak Modi, Devendra Kumar, Yudhveer Singh

2. Influences of polarization on two equal semi-permeable cracks in a piezoelectric media
Kamlesh Jangid, Devendra Kumar, Jagdev Singh

3. Mhd fluid flow with cross-diffusion effects through channel using optimal homotopy analysis method
Khushbu Bhaskar, Kalpna Sharma, Sumit Gupta, Ruchika Mehta

4. Statistical deferred euler summability mean and associated korovokin-type approximation theorem
Madhusudan Patro, Susanta Kumar Paikray, Hemen Dutta

5. Certain new integral properties of a product of generalized special functions associated with feynman integrals
Sapna Tyagi, Monika Jain, Jagdev Singh

6. Statistical analyses of impressions related to the customer’s experience while attending restaurants located in vlore, albania
Orgeta Gjerm?ni, Elenica Pjero

7. Selection of inventory policy under pythogrean fuzzy environment
Prabjot Kaur, Anjali Priya

8. Geometric properties for an unified class of functions characterized using fractional ruscheweyh-goyal derivative operator
Ritu Agarwal, Gauri Shankar Paliwal, Sunil Dutt Purohit

9. An efficient computation approach for abel’s integral equations of the second kind
Rajendra K. Bairwa, Ajay Kumar, Devendra Kumar

10. An approach to identify significant parameters in blood flow through human arteries
Karthik Alasakani, Sai Lakshmi Radhika Tantravahi, Praveen Kumar

11. Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow in the presence of permeable medium through an upstanding channel with persistent suction and heat source
Tripti Mehta, Ruchika Mehta, Devendra Kumar

12. Evolution of modulational instability in non-linear hirota types equation
Ram Dayal Pankaj, Arun Kumar, Bhawani Singh

13. Embedded pseudo-runge-kutta methods for first and second order initial value problems
Shruti Tiwari, Ram Kishor Pandey, Harendra Singh, Jagdev Singh

14. Charnes and cooper s transformations for solving uncertain multi-item fixed charge solid transportation problem
Vandana Kakran, Jayesh Mohan Dhodiya

15. On a paradox in multi objective linear and fractional transportation problem
Vishwas Deep Joshi, Jagdev Singh, Rachana Saini