Volume 25, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2020, Pages 46 - 61

Statistical analyses of impressions related to the customer’s experience while attending restaurants located in vlore, albania

Orgeta Gjerm?ni, Elenica Pjero

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Studies on customer’s experience are important to better understand what is offered and to define what should be improved. The purpose of this study is to measure and observe customer’s satisfaction from the quality of services received from restaurants located in Vlore, Albania. Data is gathered through an online survey which was filled 700 times. Descriptive analysis, Cronbach’s alpha, chi-square test, Cramer’s measure of association, Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient, and generalized linear model are used throughout the analysis. Findings showed that the overall level of customer’s satisfaction was neutral with 37:6 5% followed by satisfied ones with 27:9 5%. There was statistical evidence of a frail relationship at the 1% level of significance between the overall level of satisfaction and gender, employment, monthly income, bill accuracy, fairness of the prices, speed in service, the patience to bring the bill, clear communication, and politeness of the host staff. Further, there was evidence of a negative relationship at the 5% level between the overall level of satisfaction and employment, monthly income and fairness of the price. 66:18% of the variation of the overall level of satisfaction was explained by age, gender, employment, monthly income, patience to bring the bill, bill accuracy, and variety in menu, warm and fresh served foods. The best model predicts 62:25% of the overall satisfaction. These results help restaurant businesses, and whoever wants to invest in this sector, to better understand customer’s satisfaction about service quality and to pinpoint aspects that can be improved.


Customer satisfaction, Generalized linear models, Restaurant, Service quality


Published by : Thammasat University
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