1. Hydrodeoxygenation of linoleic acid on ni-mo catalyst
Malee Santikunaporn, Sawarach Danphitak

2. Photocatalyitic hydrogen-generation from sucrose using polyoxotungstate nano-clusters
Panita Kasamechonchung, Sakon Rahong, Keisuke Fukaya and Nurak Grisdanurak

3. Hydrothermal synthesis of tungsten oxide nanowires effect of precursor's condition
Ramida Rattanakam and Sitthisuntorn Supothina

4. Improving sinterability of aluminium alloy (al-si-cu-mg) by adjusting sintering conditions
A. Salee, A. Manonukul, C. Thianpong and K. Takahashi

5. A low-band-gap polyfluorene derivative for use in polymer solar cells
Joerg Wlosnewski, Phimwipha Piyakulawat, Anusit Keawprajak, Chaiyuth Saekung and Udom Asawapirom

6. The effect of storage degradation of palm-stearin biodiesel on engine performance and exhaust emission
Sureerat Ngamjaroen, Watit Pakdee and Cattaleeya Pattamaprom

7. The effect of particle size on the properties of (la sr)(co fe)o3aferrite-based cathodes for sofcs
Charusporn Mongkolkachit and Suda Wanakitti

8. Solid oxide fuel cell integrated with supercritical water oxidation fueled by ethanol
Nawadee Srisiriwat and Anuchart Srisiriwat

9. Thermal energy analysis for sulfuric acid dilution step in copper electroplating process
Chamaimon Boonrit and Satok Chaikunchuensakun

10. Sticky business a review on surface aspects of fouling mitigation
Phanida Saikhwan

11. A study of riboflavin release from chito-oligosaccharide poly (vinyl alcohol) electrospun nanofibrous structures
Panu Danwanichakul, Duangkamol Danwanichakul,Apichaya Duangjitchotchuang and Premkamon Montienthong

12. A preliminary study of andrographolide precipitation from andrographis paniculata extracts using a supercritical anti-solvent
Photchanathip Imsanguan, Suwassa Pongamphai, Supaporn Douglas, Wittaya Teppaitoon and Peter L. Douglas

13. Ionic conductivity of carbon black-filled chitosan-grafted-poly (vinyl alcohol) poly (vinyl alcohol) membranes
Nutthapon Rermrux and Panu Danwanichakul

14. Properties of ceramic produced from clay and msw incineration bottom ash mixtures
Supawan Vichaphund, Parjaree Thavorniti and Sirithan Jiemsirilers

15. Temperature-sensitive poly (acrylamide) hydrogels for drug delivery applications
Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul