1. Effect of production time on energy use of a tube-ice making tower
Chittin Tangthieng

2. Study of conversion efficiency of tube-type solar thermal collectors
Thananchai Leephakpreeda

3. Stand-alone photovoltaic-based reduction of harmonic current using a 12-pulse ac-dc power conversion system with trapezoidal voltage waveform
Narin Watanakul, Singthong Pattanasethanon and Apinan Aurasopon

4. Hvac is chilled water flow and temperature prediction for buildings in tropical zones
Manwad Chokesuwattanaskul, Apichat Praditsmanont, Chakguy Prakasvudhisarn and Bundit Limmeechokchai

5. Stage-warping load sharing strategy for fine grain applications over grid environments
Natthakrit Sanguandikul and Natawut Nupairoj

6. The clearness index model for estimation of global solar radiation in thailand
Jompob Waewsak and Chana Chancham

7. Effects of deposition period on the properties of fes2 thin films by chemical bath deposition method
K. Anuar, W.T. Tan, Md. Jelas, S.M. Ho, S.Y. Gwee and N. Saravanan

8. A customized tabu search for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-up and delivery
Thanchuda Phannikul and Sombat Sindhuchao