1. A new approach for establishing structural similitude for buckling of symmetric cross-ply laminated plates subjected to combined loading
Variddhi Ungbhakorn

2. Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms in cattle genes using automated dna sequencing and dideoxy fingerprinting
Kittipat Ukoskit

3. Development of a kinetic model for resole type phenolic resin formation
S. Atthajariyakul and S. Vanichseni

4. Effects of trichoderma harzianum strain pc01 and planting media on growth and yield of chinese radish
Wirat Phuwiwat, Prapantree Kaewkong, and Kasem Soytong

5. Energy efficient fenestration for daylighting apptication in thailand
S. Chungloo, B. Limmeechokchai and S. Chungpaibulpatana

6. Proposed finishing strategies based on experimental designs for process optimisation
Pongchanun Luangpaiboon

7. Use of grass sap as an ingredient in lysine production
S. Sthiannopkao, H. Danner, and R. Braun

8. Voice articulator for thai speaker recognition
Shutinun Limpanakorn, Duangkaew Sawamiphakdi, and Chularat Tanprasert