1. 2-d modelling of dambreak wave propagation on initially dry bed
Tawatchai Tingsanchali and Winyu Rattanapittikon

2. A noncoherent pseudo-noise acquisition scheme for direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems using an auxiliary signal
Taweesak Samanchuen and Sawasd Tantaratana

3. Adaptive fuzzy logic controllers with sensitivity learning rules
Thananchai Leephakpreeda

4. Effects of emed system model and service capability level on service efficiency and ambulance utilization
Suebsak Nanthavanij, Suphalada Supavasuth and Pathomnon Chamchan

5. Improved class ab full-wave rectifier
Adisak Monpapassorn

6. On the coercivity of the bi-doped ba-hexaferrite, bafe12-xbix019
T. Osotchan, S. Thongmee and I. M. Tang

7. Regular wave height transformation
Winyu Rattanapitikon and Tomoya Shibayama

8. The behavior of moisture content in durian after harvesting by neutron reflection and transmission techniques
T. Chim-oye and M. Fuangfoong