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2. The development of the antimalarial drugs with new type of chemical structure-qinghaosu and dihydroqinghaosu
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3. Low level lead exposure and the development of children
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6. Pineapple juice for digestion of swamp eel viscera for harvesting infective-stage larva of gnathostoma spp
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7. Detection of toxoplasma oocysts from soil by modified sucrose flotation and pcr methods
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17. Comparison of multidrug therapy treatment results between multibacillary leprosy patients in hyperendemic and hypoendemic areas in gowa regency south sulawesi indonesia
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18. Dna probes for identification of leptospires and disease diagnosis
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21. Salmonellosis in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus a report of seven cases from malaysia
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26. Case report. oral histoplasmosis presenting as oral ulcer in a non-hiv patient
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27. Diagnosis of dengue infection using various diagnostic tests in the early stage of illness
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40. Oral health status among 12-year-old children in primary schools participating in an oral health preventive school program in phnom penh city, cambodia, 2002
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41. Prevalence of fatigue among cancer patients undergoing external radiotherapy
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42. Risk factors of job-related depression in laboratory technicians in hospital universiti sains malaysia (husm) and kementerian kesihatan malaysia (kkm) hospitals in kelantan
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43. Oral fructose-induced changes in blood ethanol oxidokinetic data among healthy nigerians
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44. Validation of elisa test kits for detection of beta-agonist residues in meat
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45. Pollution status of swimming pools in south-south zone of south-eastern nigeria using microbiological and physicochemical indices
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