1. The study of among different spectrums based fft for the accuracy improvement of electric motor fault analysis
Juggrapong Treetrong

2. Optimization of community coconut biodiesel production
Watana Pinsem and Noppavan Chanunpanich

3. Assessment of swelling behaviors of expansive soils and stabilization with cement and fly ash
Naphol Yoobanpot, Pitthaya Jamsawang, Panich Voottipruex, and Sunchai Inthapichai

4. Relation between water permeability and chloride diffusion coefficient of concrete under 10-year exposure in marine environment
Kiratikorn Charoenprom and Wichian Chalee

5. Fault detection and protection of induction motor using artificial neural network
Chanwit Tangsiriworakul and Sirivit Tudsurn

6. Fault detection and protection of three-phase transformer using artificial neural network
Chanchai Kusoljittakorn, Chanwit Tangsiriworakul, Suriyotai Supanyapong and Sirivit Tudsurn

7. Design of a low-voltage current-mode rectifier
Boonying Knobnob

8. A current-mode universal biquadratic filter with electronic controllability employing cftas
Somchai Srisakultiew, Supawat Lawanwisut and Montree Siripruchyanun

9. Performance investigation of a compressed air ejector with a variable throat area nozzle
Nat Suvarnakuta and Thanarath Sriveerakul

10. Development of screw feeder in pneumatic conveying system
Pornchai Chongchitpaisan

11. Experimental comparative study between a simple roof concrete and roof solar cells chimney assisted with dc fan and life cycle cost analysis
Preeda Chantawong

12. Multi-objective sequencing problem on mixed-model two-sided assembly lines under learning effect
Wanwisa Naruemitwong and Parames Chutima

13. Chatter detection in ball end milling process using wavelet transformation
Tanintorn Saksri and Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen

14. Cooling capacity improvement of reciprocating compressor with a doe approach
Karun Theptawee and Teeradej Wuttipornpun

15. Scrap cost forecasting in hard disk drive industry
Phattarasaya Tantiwattanakul and Athakorn Kengpol

16. Development of monitoring and statistical process control system for surface roughness on cnc turning machine
Siripong Damrongthaveesak and Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen

17. Development of a shop floor management system in a tire manufacturing factory
Sathitthep Sangthong and Parames Chutima

18. Cloud computing resources provisioning using virtual server size expansion method
Bunanun Posri and Borworn Papasratorn

19. A development of training course for creating instructional game media for conducting vocational learning plan
Wannachai Wannasawade, Pairote Stirayakorn and Pisit Methapatara

20. Driving factors of the university student loyalty- the comparative analytical of structural equation model between lisrel and pls
Duangporn Puttawong, Leudech Kerdvichai and Vinich Thaekthong

21. Seed galactomannans
Keonakhone Khounvilay, Duangrudee Cherdwongcharoensuk and Wancheng Sittikijyothin

22. Structural analysis of polymer by x-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy
Suttinun Phongtamrug

23. Life cycle assessment tools for environmental management
Punpaphatporn Bunprom and Phetcharawalai Thirawanutpong

24. The relation between glass transition during drying process and the quality of dried food products
Sawanich Aichayanich

25. Escalation theories and their applications in information systems projects
Nipon Parinyavuttichai and Angela Y. Lin