1. Use of ultrasonic pulse to monitor setting process in concrete- effect of aggregate size and content
Piti Sukontasukkul, Bariboon Sanpetch and Smith Songpiriyakit

2. Fault quantifications of induction motor based on time frequency analysis
Juggrapong Treetrong

3. Factors important for somatic embryo induction and proliferation from young leaf explant of the biggest gigantic teak
Koravisd Nathalang

4. Second-order finite volume method for two-dimensional convection-reaction equation
Sutthisak Phongthanapanich

5. A comparison between autoclaved aerated concrete mixed with sugar sediment and aac-microfiber walls on indoor conditions of a house model
Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya, Preeda Chantawong and Yothin Ungkoon

6. Influence of welding current in tungsten arc welding process effected on stainless steel aisi 201 weldment
Trinet Yingsamphancharoen and Nakarin Srisuwan

7. Wastewater treatment for washing processes of biodiesel production by anaerobic fixed film reactors with a cstr-acidification tank
Anurak Petiraksakul and Kanittha Pancha

8. Investigation of disease and insect pest destruction on okra plant in southern part of thailand
Sorapong Benchasri

9. Effect of blanching pretreatment and osmotic agent on osmotic dehydration of makapuna
Silalak Klanpoj, Jureeporn Kimavaha and Wichamanee Yuenyongputtakal

10. A comparative efficiency of correlation plot data classification
Julaluk Watthananon and Anirach Mingkhwan

11. A system prototype for accurate measurement size of object in x-ray image
Suchitra Adulkasem, Jitdumrong Preechasuk and Wallop Adulkasem

12. Utilization of paper label waste for making interlocking concrete paving block by using limestone powder-cement as binder
Petchporn Chawakitcharoen and Nararatchporn Nuansawan

13. Application of hybrid genetic algorithms for assembly flow shop scheduling problem
Suebpong Sangudon and Teeradej Wuttipornpun

14. Environmental impact and measures of electricity generation for very small power plant using renewable energy
Wisaha Phoochinda

15. The development work competency of production managers in electric and eectronic industries
Kritchana Wongrad, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Wichien Ketsingha and Nipon Surapongrukchareon

16. A training program development for teacher construct training program competency complete gap in mechanic professional
Somjai Peanprasit, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Pisit Methapatara and Pairote Stirayakorn

17. The it investment with the context of sufficiency economy philosophy
Natnarong Jaturat, Terawat Piboongungon and Werayuth Charoenruengkit

18. A study of data base development for internal audit of industrial ministry
Udom Jeenpradub, Somnoek Wisuttipaet, Piyachat Chokpipat, Tharee Wareesangad and Teerawat Boonyasopon

19. Quality assurance system of undergraduate education a case study- industrial engineering department, mahidol university
Supphachai Nathaphan

20. A model for dual vocational training development on industrial trade
Pittaya Chinajitphan, Sobsan Utakrit and Chana Kasipar

21. Two phase closed thermosyphon (tpct) and its application for an air-to-air heat exchanger
Wasan Srimuang Preecha Khantikomol and Pipat Amtachaya

22. Determination for the heat transfer rates through a straight rectangular fin by the numerical method in 3 dimensions
Uthai Prasopchingchana

23. Variation and mutation of plant from tissue culture
Kitti Bodhipadma, Suriya Rutatip and Koravisd Nathalang

24. Fta thai - european union (eu)- guidelines to enhance the competitiveness of thai smes in the food industry
Tidarat Choksuchat

25. Sustainability and durability of structures
Aruz Petcherdchoo