1. Comparison of individual characteristics on surface of a bullet fired from polygonal-rifled barrel using super-high vertical resolution non contact 3d surface profiler
Sakolkrit Akejakrawan, Sarit Suebpongsiri

2. Improvement of texture and gel stability of restructured frozen mango pulp by using xanthan gum and locust bean gum
Prasong Siriwongwilaichat, Jiraporn Koedcharoenporn

3. Analysis of bioactive compounds, polysaccharides and antioxidant activity in different parts of dendrobium ‘sonia jo daeng’
Kullanart Obsuwan, Jeong Byoung Ryong, Sarunyaporn Maksup

4. Role of nurses in implementing chronic care model in subdistrict health promoting hospital
Pramote Thangkratok, Ajchara Vararuk, Tassanee Silawan, Noppawan Piaseu

5. Assessment of preferred maximum sound output intensity of personal audio devices on a recommended safety exposure time scale
Adinife Patrick Azodo, Idama Omokaro