1. A preliminary study on some ecological aspects of the fruit piercing moths in songkhla province of southern thailand
Aran Ngampongsai, Bruce Barrett, Surakrai Permkam, Niramon Suthapradit and Ratchanee Nilla-or

2. Yield stability of spring wheat (triticum aestivum l.) in the north west frontier province, pakistan
Muhammad Amin, Tila Mohammad, Abdul Jabbar Khan, Muhammad Irfaq, Akhtar Ali and Ghulam Rasul Tahir

3. Transformation of rice (oryza sativa l.) cv. chainat 1 using chitinase gene
Kedsukon Maneewan, Sumontip Bunnag, Piyada Theerakulpisut, Manit Kosittrakun and Anawat Suwanagul

4. Effect of planting dates on seed yield and seed quality of stylosanthes guianensis ciat 184
Krailas Kiyothong, Chureerat Satjipanon and Pimpaporn Pholsen

5. Effects of dietary protein and energy on growth performance and carcass characteristics of betong chicken at early growth stage
Tuan van Nguyen and Chaiyapoom Bunchasak

6. Fatty acids composition of 10 microalgal species
Jarunan Pratoomyot, Piyawan Srivilas and Thidarat Noiraksar

7. Effects of vitamin e supplementation on loin (longissimus dorsi) quality in brahman x thai native cattle
Suthipong Uriyapongson, Wechasit Toburan, Tanom Tatong, Pornpan Sanpoom and Prasarn Tangkawattana

8. A study on karyotype of assam macaque, macaca assamensis (primate, cercopithecidae) by using conventional staining method
Alongkoad Tanomtong, Sumpars Khunsook, Wiwat Kaensa and Roungvit Bunjongrat

9. A study on karyotype of small-toothed palm civet, arctogalidia trivirgata (carnivora, viverridae) by using conventional staining method
Alongkoad Tanomtong, Roungvit Bunjonrat, Apiradee Sriphoom, Pannee Chinorak, Wiwat Kaensa, Sumat Kamolnarranath and Sopon Dumnui

10. Research outcome for enhancement production of pummelo hom hat yai
Wijit Wunnachit

11. Spectrophotometric determination of total lactones in andrographis paniculata nees
Chantana Aromdee, Penkae Wichitchote and Napaporn Jantakun

12. Effect of solvents on properties of bombyx mori silk grafted by methyl methacrylate (mma) and methacrylamide (maa)
Jutarat Prachayawarakorn and Wattana Klairatsamee

13. Characteristics of biofilms associated with enhanced survival of campylobacter jejuni
Nathanon Trachoo and Joseph F. Frank

14. The optimal conditions for nata production from sugar palm syrup by acetobacter xylinum tistr 107
Tanussara Laochareonsuk and Supattra Kaewtaro

15. Biosurfactants from marine microorganisms
Suppasil Maneerat

16. Mean-field calculation of some magnetic properties of ising thin-films
Yongyut Laosiritaworn

17. Prediction of co concentrations from road traffic at signalized intersections using cal3qhc model: the khon kaen case study
Atit Tippichai, Pongrid Klungboonkrong, Rudklao Pan-Aram and Prungchan Wongwises

18. An efficiency comparison of control chart for monitoring process variance: non-normality case
Ratchada Sangkawanit and Kamon Budsaba

19. A comparison on parameter-estimation methods in multiple regression analysis with existence of multicollinearity among independent variables
Aungkana Hukharnsusature