1. Effect of graphite addition on mechanical properties of uhmwpe for use as tibia insert biocomposite materials
Sukasem Watcharamaisakul, Bura Sindhupakorn and Arunmanai Lepon

2. Performance improvement of conical horn antenna by using wire medium structure and dielectric load
Pumipong Duangtang, Piyaporn Mesawad, and Rangsan Wongsan

3. design of rf cancellation for 5g full-duplex mimo systems
Pawinee Meerasri, Peerapong Uthansakul and Damar Widjaja

4. expanding the farming potential of napier grass (pennisetum purpureum schumach.) under low-fertile conditions
Till Haegele, Tarawut Bunnom, Sawitree Khumhom, Christian Braeuchler, Pansa Liplap and Weerachai Arjharn

5. using fly ash, palm oil fuel ash and sugarcane bagasse ash as density and compressive strength additive for api class g cement
Watcharakon Setwong and Akkhapun Wannakomol

6. Word retrieval from old lanna machine-printed document by matching keyword image
Wilawan Yathongkhum, Natsima Suradet and Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich

7. Reduction of the inrush current in electrical transformer using voltage down-chirp technique
Somkid Suttisak and Teerapong Chimphet

8. Wide-bandwidth and flat-gain printed dipole with ebg reflector for terrestrial dtv reception
Sompop Pimpol and Rangsan Wongsan

9. housefly (musca domestica) as a carrier of pathogenic microorganisms in hospital environments in calabar, nigeria
Nseobong Akpan, Edet Anwan and Ukponobong Antia

10. Drought vulnerability mapping of mekong delta using participatory approach
Hung, Bui Viet

11. wildfire susceptibility mapping in bhutan using geoinformatics technology
Samdrup Dorji and Suwit Ongsomwang

12. A visualization framework for crime mapping system: a case study police forensic science center 4
Peeravit Phonprapruit, Sirapat Chiewchanwattana and Khamron Sunat