1. effect of varying conditions in the mixing and stirring process on properties of asphalt cement grade 80/100 modified with crumb rubber and styrene butadiene styrene polymer
Sudniran Phetcharat

2. an integrated fuzzy-linear programming approach for a supplier selection problem: a case with multi-sourcing and multi-product scenarios
Kittipong Luangpantao and Navee Chiadamrong

3. An investigation on hybrid and non-hybrid production control systems under unbalanced line conditions: a comparative simulation study
Krissana Kiatthanawit and Navee Chiadamrong

4. Nonlocal second-order shear deformation plate theory for free vibration of nanoplates
Monchai Panyatong, Boonme Chinnaboon, and Somchai Chucheepsakul

5. Effect of grape berry quality on wine quality
Phajon Yuyuen, Nantakorn Boonkerd, and Chokchai Wanapu

6. Comparing mortality and complications in stemi between two treatment groups : primary pci and pharmaco-invasive group : maharatnakhon-ratchasima hospital
Pinij Kaewsuwanna

7. Integration of geospatial models for optimum land use allocation in three different scenarios
Suwit Ongsomwang and Niti Iamchuen

8. Reproductive biology of tapper tail anchovy coilia ramcarati along the coast of chittagong
Mohammad Sohel Parvez and Mohammad Rashed-Un-Nabi

9. Snowmelt runoff analysis and impact assessment of temperature change in the upper punatsang chu basin, bhutan
Jigme Tenzin and Suwit Ongsomwang