1. An introduction of genetic algorithm for improving a vehicle routing problem in a bakery company
Bell Tunjongsirigul and Navee Chiadamrong

2. Biogas generation from anaerobic fermentation of animal manures and the nutrient dynamics in the residues
Li Yurong, Nantakorn Boonkerd, Sopone Wongkeaw, Zhiliang Peng and Sodchol Wonprasaid

3. Removal of free fatty acid in crude jatropha curcas oil using ferric sulphate for biodiesel production
Sasiwimol Wootthikanokkhan, Sareerat Mutchika and Artit Phontee

4. Transport model study of in-medium kaon potential in heavy ion collisions
Pornrad Srisawad

5. Heat and mass natural-convective flow of micropolar and viscous fluids through a porous medium in a vertical channel
Maen Menayzel Al- Rashdan

6. Simulation of polymer flooding applied for oil field in phitsanulok basin
Jutikarn Kanarak and Kriangkri Trisarn

7. Decolorization of remazol brilliant blue r by fluidized-bed dried lentinus polychrous lev.
Pakamon Chitprasert, Pattama Ploysawang, Rodjanawan Wangpradit and Akkaratch Rodklongtan