1. Optimum predictive model for urban growth prediction
Suwit Ongsomwang and Apiradee Saravisutra

2. Undiscovered hydrocarbon resources of chonnabot prospect, northeast thailand
Sakchai Glumglomjit and Akkhapun Wannakomol

3. A spectroscopic investigation of the complex of turmeric dye with copper(ii) in aqueous solution
Sriwai Kanhathaisong, Saowanee Rattanaphani, Vichitr Rattanaphani, and Thanaporn Manyum

4. Solutions for one class of nonlinear fourth-order partial differential equations
Supaporn Suksern

5. Assessing the effect of incorporating topographical data with geostatistical interpolation for monthly rainfall and temperature in ping basin, thailand
Yaowaret Jantakat and Suwit Ongsomwang

6. Effects of met hydroxy analog supplementation of dairy cow’s diets on milk yield and milk composition
Pakorn Klangnok, Pipat Lounglawan, and Wisitiporn Suksombat

7. Structure and chemical and physicochemical properties of job’s tear kernels and flours
Jiraporn Chaisiricharoenkul, Sunanta Tongta and Kanok-Orn Intarapichet