1. Behavior of inflatable dams under hydrostatic conditions
Abdullah Ali Nasser Alhamati, Thamer Ahmed Mohammed, Jamalodin Norzaie, Abdul Halim Ghazali and Karim Khalaf Al-Jumaily

2. Determination of coefficient of discharge for air-inflated dam using physical model
Abdullah Ali Nasser Alhamati, Thamer Ahmed Mohammed, Abdul Halim Ghazali, Jamalodin Norzaie and Karim Khalaf Al-Jumaily

3. Solving a sscflp in a supply chain with aco
Ketsara Kumweang and Ruengsak Kawtummachai

4. Total design of polymer composite automotive bumper fascia
Mohd Nizam Suddin, Mohd Sapuan Salit, Napsiah Ismail, Mohd Abd. Maleque and Syams Zainuddin

5. Investigation of gas species generated in the photoemission spectroscopy system at the siam photon laboratory
Wiwat Wongkokua and Prayoon Songsiriritthigul

6. Supported ptru catalysts from a mixture of platinum and ruthenium acetylacetonate- characterization and activity for ethylene hydrogenation
Saowapa Chotisuwan, Jatuporn Wittayakun and Bruce C. Gates

7. Synthesis and kinetic study of zeolite from lopburi perlite
Sudaporn Tangkawanit and Kunwadee Rangsriwatananon

8. Catalytic cracking of polyisoprene over solid base catalyst
Chonlada Ritvirulh, Nattawut Kaveevivitchai, Narongdej Suwandalud, and Tawan Sooknoi

9. Influence of n, k fertilizers and number of fruiting shoots on yields and quality of winegrape variety cabernet sauvignon
Vasan Boonterm, Nantakorn Boonkerd and Anake Silapabhan