1. Accumulation of domoic acid in marine organisms from sriracha bay, chonburi province, thailand
Oning Veschasit, Shettapong Meksumpun, Nissara Thawonsode, Thaithaworn Lirdwitayaprasit

2. New records of helotiales in turkey
O?uzhan Kaygusuz, ?mer Faruk ?olak

3. Antifungal activities of essential oils of syzygium aromaticum, piper betle, and ocimum sanctum against clinical isolates of canine dermatophytes
Jareerat Aiemsaard, Korawuth Punareewattana

4. An automatic screening method for primary open-angle glaucoma assessment using binary and multi-class support vector machines
Pikul Vejjanugraha, Waree Kongprawechnon, Toshiaki Kondo, Kanokvate Tungpimolrut, Kazunori Kotani

5. Rapid detection of ancient human mitochondrial dna variation using tetra-primer pcr amplification
Yongbin Zhao, Changchun Yu, Hongjie Li, Ye Zhangb, Hui Zhou

6. The effect of ultrasonic algae inhibition on the concentration and state changes of heavy metals in sediments
Shucong Zhen, Niegui Li, Shuai Gu, Xiao Tan

7. Some refinements of operator inequalities
Xiaohui Fu, Junjian Yang

8. On new inequalities of fejer-hermite-hadamard type for differentiable (?,m)-preinvex mappings
Yi-Chao Zhang, Ting-Song Du, Jiao Pan

9. Constant riesz potentials on a circle in a plane with an application to polarization optimality problems
Nattapong Bosuwan, Pornrat Ruengrot