1. A review of dynamic and intelligent honeypots
Wira Zanoramy Ansiry Zakaria, Miss Laiha Mat Kiah

2. Analysis of the wenchuan aftershock data
Hai-Yen Siew, Ah-Hin Pooi

3. A class of quasi-quintic trigonometric bezier curve with two shape parameters
Uzma Bashir, Muhammad Abbas, Mohd Nain Hj Awang, Jamaludin Md. Ali

4. On the non-abelian tensor square of groups of order p4 where p is an odd prime
Rosita Zainal, Nor Muhainiah Mohd Ali, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Samad Rashid

5. The structure of lattices of positive existential formulae of (delta-pj)-theories
A.R. Yeshkeyev

6. Optimal pursuit time for a differential game in the hilbert space l2
Gafurjan Ibragimov

7. Modelling the spatiotemporal dynamics of diffusive prey-predator interactions- pattern formation and ecological implications
Mohd Hafiz Mohd, Yahya Abu Hasan

8. A predator-infected prey model with harvesting of infected prey
S.A. Wuhaib, Y. Abu Hasan

9. Numerical simulations of an sir epidemic model with random initial states
Almbrok Hussin Alsonosi Omar, Yahya Abu Hasan

10. Temephos spraying and thermal fogging efficacy on aedes aegypti in homogeneous urban residences
Karunia Putra Wijaya, Thomas Goetz, Edy Soewono, Nuning Nuraini

11. Exact solutions to some models of distributed-order time fractional diffusion equations via the fox h functions
Alireza Ansari, Mohammad Moradi

12. Solving an asian option pde via the laplace transform
Zieneb Ali Elshegmani, Rokiah Rozita Ahmad

13. Confidence intervals for multivariate value at risk
Y.L. Goh, A.H. Pooi

14. Generalized bayesian non-informative prior estimation of weibull parameter with interval censoring
Chris Bambey Guure, Noor Akma Ibrahim

15. Analysing wireless sensor network deployment performance using connectivity
Kamal Jadidy Aval, Shukor Abd Razak, Abdul Samad Ismail

16. Virtual subnet agreement protocol in a cloud storage environment
Kuo-Qin Yan, Yu-Fu Yang, Shu-Ching Wang, Guang-Yan Zheng

17. Architectural framework for mobile multicast support in wireless mesh networks
Mistura L. Sanni, Aisha-Hassan A. Hashim, Wan Haslina Hassan, Farhat Anwar, Ahmed W. Naji, Gharib S.M. Ahmed

18. Numerical analysis of parallel modular exponentiation for rsa using interconnection networks
Masumeh Damrudi, Norafida Ithnin